Sophisticatedly Gin Lobb

Sophisticatedly Gin Lobb

A premium decoration for a premium gin. All complexity is a challenge for PCM Group, who has managed to decorate the sophisticated Gin Lobb bottle with one of the most risky designs due to the curvature of the container. A silkscreen has been used in an electric blue tone that has endowed the bottle with a sublime and professional finish.

The quality of decoration that PCM Group brings is accompanied by the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials, using 100% water-based paints and inks with ultraviolet drying. This set provides an added value of environmental care to each of its decorations.

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SeriesNemo receives the Gold Pentaward 2018 for the design of Huck

 SeriesNemo receives the Gold Pentaward 2018 for the design of Huck

SeriesNemo has been awarded the Gold Pentaward 2018 in the Beverages - Water category, for the Huck mineral water design. The urban and cosmopolitan image of this new watermark is reflected in its exclusive bottle. The rectangular and rounded shape, with rounded edges, is associated with the smartphone. The origin of the water, the mountain spring, is transferred to the faceted geometrical relief of one of the faces almost literally. The set of prisms causes the reflections of the light to be projected onto the label through the water and reflecting a changing light.

Its brick shape optimizes the transport and storage space. The frontal faceting has three points of contact for a balanced and flat support.

Its unique transparent material label is printed on one side, in contact with the bottle, and adhesive on the back of the bottle. It offers two different visual sides, front and back label, using the rear surface to communicate the attributes of the brand with optical typographic games.

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«Mulier» wine, with Audrey bottle, awarded at the Bruni Glass Design Awards

«Mulier» wine, with Audrey bottle, awarded at the Bruni Glass Design Awards

Marco Cerrutti, owner of Pidrin Agricultural Holding, chose the Audrey bottle for his rosé wine. The Audrey bottle, one of the winners from the 2017 Bruni Glass Design Awards, submitted by Christine Kruse, a student at Munster University in Germany, was inspired by 1950s evening gowns.

“My rosé wine is named «Mulier» which means woman in Latin, and is dedicated to all women,” Cerrutti says. “My aim was to celebrate beauty and feminine delicacy in all its forms. And the Audrey shape, with its soft and subtle lines that descend like an elegant and wide skirt, was certainly the most suitable to convey that idea.”

The Audrey bottle is just the latest example of the talents uncovered by The Bruni Glass Design Award, and exemplifies Berlin Packaging and Bruni Glass’s belief in fostering emerging talent in the field of packaging design. The next Bruni Glass Design Award will launch in 2019.

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“The Labelmaker” has designed a label printed on a paper produced by Arconvert

“The Labelmaker” has designed a label printed on a paper produced by Arconvert

Jordan Jelev, “The Labelmaker”, has created the design of a label with a “surrealist” touch for Heaven’s Door Wines. With such a unique name, the Heaven’s Door range of wines required an extremely original image. The background consists of a photo of a beautiful blue sky full of clouds. In the centre, a ladder leads to an abstract door, represented by a golden rhombus. The door acts as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth. The concept of this label is very spiritual and full of metaphysical symbols.

Jordan decided to print this label on the self-adhesive paper Constellation Jade Raster produced by Arconvert because it manages to provide it with greater elegance and shine. Thanks to the bright reflections of its pearlescent texture, this self-adhesive paper gives the sky an almost metallic effect and makes the clouds appear even more realistic.

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