IPE Industria Gráfica, winner of two awards in the FINAT Label Competition 2018

IPE Industria Gráfica, winner of two awards in the FINAT Label Competition 2018

IPE has been awarded for the sleeve made for the French brand Maxim's de Paris in the last edition of the FINAT awards.

The sleeve stands out for the combination of high level technology and high quality in the details, given that from the technical point of view presents many challenges related to the printing process. The sleeve made for the limited edition of this Champagne Brut, coinciding with the Christmas season, offered a 360º decoration that undoubtedly contributed to achieving one of the customer's objectives: to highlight the product on the shelf in order to get the attention of consumers.

Thus, the sleeve has been awarded two prizes: One in its category as a winning label in the Sleeve category and a second group prize that recognizes the most outstanding works submitted to this thirty-eighth edition of the contest.

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A packaging by MW for the Moroccanoil Treatment limited edition

A packaging by MW for the Moroccanoil Treatment limited edition

To commemorate its 10 years, a limited edition has been created for the Moroccanoil Treatment in collaboration with Swarovski. Decorated with hundreds of turquoise crystals combined with the color of the Moroccanoil brand, this bottle is presented in a box created by MW Luxury Packaging.

This special packaging consists of a rigid cardboard box wrapped in pearly paper printed with a striking Moroccan blue color. The front has letters on gold paper and opens outward like a book. Inside, the bottle rests on an accessory covered with an illustrated platform that easily rises upwards to allow access. A stamped window on this platform frames the bottle and creates a sense of depth and distance. Opposite, the story of Moroccanoil has been printed with white ink and gold letters.

The interior design was inspired by Moroccanoil's Mediterranean influences. Both the outer and inner flaps show clouds in an idyllic blue sky; the ribbon also represents a stretch of wavy red sand that gives the visual effect that the bottle has been half buried in a desert dune burned by the sun. To obtain the perfect final touch, transparent CMYK printing on nacreous paper was used to give the sand a gleaming finish.

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Bodegas Murviedro presents its new image and new wines

 Bodegas Murviedro presents its new image and new wines

Bodegas Murviedro presents its new image, which refers to its Latin name "Muri Veteres", in reference to the old walls that open the old Villa de Requena, a key testimony in the struggles during the Reconquista period. His flagship, his wine La Casa de la Seda, is accompanied by three new ranges: Pugnus (Fight), Audientia (Courage) and Galeam (Casco).

The logo is inspired by the Requena Castle and its walls. The label recalls the beauty of the drawings of the old silk fabrics. From a floral pattern, stampings and dry reliefs are combined to create an enveloping label. The Pugnus (Lucha) range is made up of a red reserve, a red and a young rosé under the Utiel Requena PDO, from a selection of Bobal grapes. The Audentia range (Courage), DOP Valencia, consists of a white Sauvignon Blanc / Muscat, a pink Cabernet Sauvignon, a Petit Verdot and a red reserve. The third, Galeam (Casco), is composed of a red wine, a white Dry Muscat organic and a 100% Monastrell organic red, all DOP Alicante. murviedro

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Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

 Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

Pisarrosa is a high quality product from a small plot that has the property of the winery. In the design of the label, we begin by outlining the proportions of the character, we move on to a 3D volumetry and finally texturize with images of the snares taken on the same Puigdemont Roca farm that produces the same grape that is used to make the came.

The final result is a very simple sheet label where the monster takes a clear protagonism, with 3D embossing, accompanied by some stampings with small texts that give the qualitative point of color. All this on a bottle troncocònica porta, encapsulated with pond with the same chromatic combination, with a very qualitative cotton paper support, to achieve a result at the height of the created expectations.

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