Eurecat presents a bottle of wine with an intelligent label manufactured by Germark

Eurecat presents a bottle of wine with an intelligent label manufactured by Germark

The Eurecat technology center (member of Tecnio) will present at the Mobile World Congress a new technology based on printed electronics, which will allow manufacturing smart objects connected to the Internet, such as a bottle of wine whose content can be verified without opening it, thanks to the sensors that are incorporated in the label.
The bottle has a smart label with printed electronics, without batteries, which contains temperature and quality sensors that allow the monitoring of the product with the bottle closed, using Near Field Communication. This technology enables power and wireless communication to a mobile application.
The labels, which have been manufactured with screen printing on an industrial scale by Germark, have been applied, for the first time, in some bottles of the Ramon Roqueta winery, which will implement them for tests within its distribution chain to the consumer. The data received will be stored in the cloud, so they will be ready to give information about the product since it leaves the warehouse.
The project has focused on industrial production, identifying and solving the challenges for the mass manufacture of this type of labels, which are considered to have great potential in sectors such as packaging, logistics and food, among other areas.

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New creation of Oriol & Fontanel for Lancôme

New creation of Oriol & Fontanel for Lancôme

Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant is an Eau de Parfum composed of the most exclusive raw materials: an essence heart of rose interlaced with an exuberant musk with notes of freesia and vanilla. The neck is adorned with the characteristic silk rose of La Nuit Trésor, this time in white, as a symbol of the incorporation of white musks.
Oriol & Fontanel has made the stitching of the flower in a welded elastic ring like all the Trésor models, as well as the silk screen printing placed on the piece.
Inspired by the white diamond, the bottle of La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant reflects light. With its sharp tip and square cap with rounded edges, its pyramid shape joins the white, linking all the colors of the light spectrum in a multifaceted bottle.
To keep it, a case inspired by the aura of white lights, with a holographic finish.

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Torres 15 Skyline Collection Barcelona stands out with a packaging designed by Dorian

Torres 15 Skyline Collection Barcelona stands out with a packaging designed by Dorian

Since its origins in 1870, Familia Torres has combined tradition and innovation to become a reference company for wines and brandy throughout the world.
Dorian was commissioned to create the image of a limited edition of his Torres 15 brandy for 'travel retail', which was meant to be a tribute to Barcelona and which should be recognizable to buyers from anywhere in the world.
For this, they focused on representing Barcelona without artifice, through some of its most emblematic and recognizable buildings, thus creating a skyline through a careful illustration and finishing at the height of a luxury product.
In the box was used to divide the skyline into four parts, leaving on each side of this case the protagonist was only one of these buildings. A resource that in addition to visually enrich this piece, allowed to have two different fronts and at the same time it gave rise to be able to build a landscape with a complete skyline if the four sides of the case were combined in a linear, something that gave more presence to the product in the point of sale.

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Vibranding designs the packaging of Mushroom Forestry

Vibranding designs the packaging of Mushroom Forestry

Mushroom Forestry is a company specialising in cultivating high-quality organically-grown mushrooms, located in Australia. The undersides of some varieties form shapes of great visual power and it is where the spores come from, essential to create new mushrooms.
Vibranding therefore used a serif typeface with the contrast and depth necessary to go with a warm background. A traditional typography but with angular forms to denote modernity.
The mixture of different tones, browns, oranges, yellows and blues, recalls the colours of the mushrooms themselves, of the forest, of nature…

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The good yogurt

The good yogurt

Yogurts are one of the most consumed products in Spain. Far is its "medicinal" use: it has been a long time since they left pharmacies and reign in supermarkets and food stores. The original glass jars were replaced by plastic containers, the glass being relegated to enriched yogurts, usually at a higher price.
One of the changes of greater impact was the passage to the rounded container that gave Danone a few years ago; later, it launched new varieties with a brand image that evoked its history and, recently, it has started a campaign coinciding with the centenary of its foundation in which it speaks of the love of parents towards children (Danone was the nickname of Daniel, son of Isaac Carasso, who was the one who started making yogurt in a workshop in Barcelona).
It also highlights the appearance of the doypack, especially for the Horeca channel, because at the moment it does not have great acceptance among the general public. An example is Danone Pro, in a flexible package type doypack with a modular and precise opening.

The emergence of private label brands such as Hacendado de Mercadona, which was clearly established in the market, and of less known brands was a shock to traditional firms. We refer to La Fageda, Pastoret, Ametller Original, Granja Comas, Armengol, La Torre (with a packaging designed by Puigdemont Roca) ... with a totally different branding, new flavors, own productions and an innovative image.
In the case of the Ametller Origin yogurts, Little Buddha created an identity that conveys the real and close relationship of the Ametller family with the land and its commitment to offer the most natural products, from its control of production, with a design grid that allows to identify the brand and ensure a strong graphic consistency, while differentiating each category and each product.

Another example, Pastoret, with a packaging designed by Lateral Branding. In the 125 g yogurts, the plastic was abandoned to use a waxed cardboard tub, with personalized decoration of each flavor through illustrations. For the Caprichos de Yogur, a jar in glass was chosen, which allows to see the different layers of product, with a small book attached around the small jar with a string.
Traditionally, the glass was associated with the most «premium» desserts and especially with La Lechera, a Nestlé brand, which, when it launched its yogurts with jam, renewed its packaging while retaining the glass container that characterizes it - who does not remember the ads in which you could hear the noise of the spoon against the empty glass?.
Finally, a separate chapter deserves liquid yoghurts, whose rise is part of the growing trend of consumption of on-the-go products, in plastic bottles with integral design sleeve.

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