Arca Awards granted

Arca Awards granted

The Arca Awards, International Iberian Packaging & POS display Awards, value the excellence of packaging design in Spain and Portugal. The jury has awarded twelve works the highest distinction, the Arca Gold Award.

The complete list of winners of the 2019 Arca Awards, by category, is as follows:
· ARCA Award to the best Beverage packaging, bottle and/or label design
- ARCA Gold Award: Perfeccionista. Bodega Davide, Roberto Nuñez
- ARCA Selection: Observador. Bodega Davide, Roberto Nuñez
- ARCA Selection: Coruja, Summa 
- ARCA Selection: Viernes, el soñador de la familia, Salví Design
- ARCA Selection: Day and Night – Nobleza del Sur, Cabello x Mure
- ARCA Selection: Vino Calcetas, Meteorito Studio
- ARCA Selection: Pridem´s Gin, Enpedra Studio

· ARCA Award for the best food packaging
-ARCA Gold Award: Bon Fromage, Supperestudio
-ARCA Gold Award: Dabiz Muñoz Salsas XO, Supperestudio
-ARCA Gold Award:: Sonidos de Bizkaia, La Central Badiola Estudio
-ARCA Gold Award: Entre Caminos, Cabello x Mure
-ARCA Selection: Mariscos Castellar Packaging, Cabello x Mure
-ARCA Selection: Arbor Sacris, Arbor Sacris (Mil&Un Verd)
-ARCA Selection: Beautifood, Opticum
-ARCA Selection: Anyón. Legumbres el Moncayo, Aktiva Design
-ARCA Selection: Mermeladas Cortijo de Sarteneja, Delma
-ARCA Selection: Starbucks Chips, Supperestudio

·ARCA Award to the best Pharmacy and Parapharmacy packaging
- ARCA Gold Award: Sensovis, Supperestudio

·ARCA Award for the best packaging of Beauty and Perfumery products
-ARCA Gold Award: Agua fuente de Vida, Meteorito Estudio
-ARCA Selection: Esenzia, Wearebold
-ARCA Selection: Packaging Skincare Make Up by Skeyndor, Garrofé ·

ARCA Award for the best luxury packaging Premium Pack 
- ARCA Gold Award: Welcome Pack Júlia Moss, Garrofé 
- ARCA Selection: Arbor Sacris, Arbor Sacris (Mil&Un Verd)
- ARCA Selection: Packaging Lladró, Vibra

· ARCA Award for the best packaging of a Household product
- ARCA Gold Award: Inciensos Mariano, Titular Studio

· ARCA award for the best "ecofriendly" packaging, material reduction, recyclable, sustainable production, etc.
- ARCA Gold Award: Baqué Ecofriendly, Suppestudio

· ARCA award for the best "ArcaProx" packaging designed by a student 
- ARCA Gold Award: Volare, Escuela Superior de Diseño ESI de Valladolid
- ARCA Selection: Pack Light, Salesians de Sarrià
- ARCA Selection: Geriolin Planet, Salesians de Sarrià

· ARCA Award for the best packaging in the Miscellaneous, Packaging not included in the other categories
- ARCA Gold Award:Una Cerveza, Vibranding

The ARCA Awards is an organisation of Veredictas Internacional, in collaboration with the Digicom show, where the awards ceremonies of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions will be held. The ARCA 2020 Awards are called and will be open for participation from April 1 to June 30, with an extension on the deadline up to July 17, 2020.

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An ecological alternative to single-use plastic wins the Better with Less – Design Challenge

An ecological alternative to single-use plastic wins the  Better with Less – Design Challenge

The winner of Metsä Board’s international packaging design competition the Better with Less – Design Challenge is ‘Expandable Eco Street Food Ware’ a smart and ecological solution.

It is a highly adaptable plastic-free packaging that can provide a simple and trendy alternative to plastic and styrofoam containers which are used to serve fast food.

The paperboard container is 10 inches in diameter when laid flat and can be folded up to eight different ways ranging from a cone to a plate.

The Expandable Eco Street Food Ware was designed by Christine Gamboa, a Senior Art Director, and Gaudy Danao III, an Associate Creative Director, both from the Philippines. Christine and Gaudy will receive the main prize of 7,000 euros.

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Seram adorns the collar of Mon Paris Intensément by YSL

Seram adorns the collar of Mon Paris Intensément by YSL

Seram adorns the collar of Mon Paris Intensément, by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, with a bi-material satin and organza lavalière.

Mounted on an elastic satin ring, its deep color contrasts with the golden plate engraved with the YSL logo, joining 2 PU ribbons, to form a refined set.

A marriage of color and materials, dear to the couture of Maison Yves Saint Laurent, transcribed for an iconic perfume.

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Corpack designs the Iconic Red collection for Artdeco

Corpack designs the Iconic Red collection for Artdeco

The color red is the key color of the new make-up spring/summer collection created by Artdeco in cooperation with the designer Steffen Schraut.

Artdeco uses three components exclusively developed by Corpack: a refillable powder compact with integrated mirror, lipstick and mascara.

The Perfect Color Lipstick in Iconic Red design and All in One Mascara with special brush are equipped with a high-quality metal over shell. A pink kissing mouth has been screen printed on all components in various places.

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AIMPLAS designs a new interchangeable filter mask against COVID-19

AIMPLAS designs a new interchangeable filter mask against COVID-19

Given the health emergency situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastics, makes available to the different health administrations and authorities both its knowledge of materials and its ability to design, prototype, manufacture and material resources to facilitate the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Specifically, AIMPLAS is carrying out a feasibility study to be able to manufacture masks with interchangeable filters through injection processes. For this, AIMPLAS has already made its own design and contacts have been established with companies and vocational training centers that can manufacture the molds, such as Vicedo and Escuelas San José. In addition, AIMPLAS technical personnel are cutting and supplying transparent PET sheets from a coil donated by Manufacturas Arplast to facilitate the manufacture of protective visors and distribution to hospitals, while the Madrid hospitals have been provided with the supplier contact for the supply of PET sheets.

On the other hand, and as members of the National Federation of Innovative Business Groups and Clusters platform, the company Elix Polymers has requested the technology center to collaborate in the production of 3D ABS filaments for the printing of different types of materials such as valves, masks , etc.

Regarding its material resources, and due to the shortage of protection material for health personnel, AIMPLAS has donated a total of 5000 cuffs, 100 disposable gowns, 16 masks, 15 Tyvek suits, 15 liters of gel to health centers in Paterna. sanitizer and 10 glasses. In addition, stocks of gloves have been reported and made available to the Ministry.

Through the different groups that have been created in Telegram to manufacture protective equipment through additive manufacturing or 3D printing, AIMPLAS is carrying out material advisory tasks. Also through this platform, AIMPLAS has made available to the different Valencian hospitals its 3D printing capacity of protective visors and they are sent to the same new units every day. In addition, the center is participating with its advice in Reesistenciateam, a virtual community made up of more than 1,800 people who are developing respirators, protective screens, masks, as well as valves, all using 3D printing technology.

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