Lumson presents a new sustainable lipstick: Lipstick PLA 2.0

Lumson presents a new sustainable lipstick: Lipstick PLA 2.0

Lipstick PLA 2.0 is an innovative, 100% sustainable and technological lipstick developed by Lumson.

Besides safety, there will be a lot of attention given to sustainability and Lumson has always been aware of this and conscientious of its use of plastic. In fact, the company has an important innovation in the pipeline in this regard: Lipstick PLA 2.0. Lipstick PLA 2.0 is a bio-based material that is extremely high-performing and innovative, developed specifically for Lumson.

With respect to the PLA that is already present on the market (a renewable and compostable material obtained from the polymerization of dextrose derived from cane sugar), the version developed for Lumson offers more advantages such as: resistance to high temperatures without deforming, better resistance to scratches and wear and tear, and its mechanism doesn’t require any lubrification.

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A sensory design for Essabó soaps

A sensory design for Essabó soaps

Packaging and display design, logo redesign and art direction for the collection of Essabó cosmetic and ecological soaps by Jabones Beltrán, made by Tati Guimarães-Ciclus. A sensory design with minimal environmental impact.

Claudia Blin's watercolor illustrations express the delicate mix of oils and fruits, and refer to the artisanal process of making her soaps.

Inside the packaging, you can see the origin of its ingredients and the history of the family.

The design of the display-exhibitor is simple and elegant to give prominence to the collection of soaps at the points of sale. It is shipped flat to reduce volume and CO2 emission in its transport. It mounts easily and is durable.

All the materials used in the packaging and the display are biodegradable and compostable. Both are sustainable and economical in production.

The packaging does not have glue and the paper used is chlorine free. Inside, a biodegradable cellulose film was applied to preserve the perfume and humidity of the soap without having to add a plastic wrap to part of the cardboard packaging. This film is compatible with cardboard, which makes recycling easier. Discontinuous cuts were added to the folds to speed up packaging.

The exhibitor is made with the minimum of wood, local and controlled stocking. It has no ink. It is laser cut and printed and its glue is water based.

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Packaging awards for Andalusian Skincare

 Packaging awards for Andalusian Skincare

Andaluz Skincare has received various awards for its packaging, including the Special Packaging Award at the III Delicatessen with Olive Oil 2020 Awards of the World Olive Oil Exhibition and the Bronze A 'Design Award 2020 granted by A'Design Award & Competition , the prestigious design competition worldwide.

Rebekah Pantaléon, creator of the Andaluz Skincare brand, wanted fresh, contemporary-looking packaging that incorporated elements of the classic design of Andalusian architecture and at the same time remembered the flora of the Andalusian countryside with which it produces its products. A design that had deep roots in the Andalusian land, but with a touch of modernity and that created a strong link with the brand and its name, Andalusian. With these ideas, she began to develop a new packaging line for her 100% eco-sustainable and organic products.

She found inspiration in the ancient tiles that cover the different rooms of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Its geometry, symmetry, simplicity, colors and organic representations fit in with the idiosyncrasy of Andalusian Skincare.

Originally the pigment of the colors of the tiles that were made during the 13th century Nasrid Kingdom, such as blue, green, honey, white, red, orange and black, were extracted from natural minerals as a symbolic representation of nature. Based on this idea, Rebekah decided to align the color palette with the brand's products: yellow / honey for lemon, cobalt blue for lavender, etc.

Rebekah Pantaléon and Jason Bourguinon, media artist & designer, chose designs that had a link with nature, flowers and geometric shapes, reminiscent of the landscapes of the Andalusian countryside.

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Albéa produces the eco-designed sun care packaging of La Roche-Posay

Albéa produces the eco-designed sun care packaging of La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay (L’Oréal group) innovates with a new generation of eco-friendly packaging: a partially cardboard-basedtube. The new moisturizing sunscreen body lotion of the Anthelios range protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, marine life and the environment.

As a result of a co-development between L'Oréal and Albéa, the tube packaging, integrating cardboard, is designed as an alternative to the various packaging solutions currently used for cosmetic products.

The use of plastic is reduced by 45% compared to existing solutions. The plastic is replaced here by FSC-certified cardboard.

The development of this cosmetic tube is the first step, achieved in record time, of future partially cardboard tube launches between L'Oréal group and Albéa.

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Three Limited Editions of Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse®

Three Limited Editions of Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse®

Nuxe gave a premise to the students of the French school of art and design Penninghen: create an original decoration for the Huile Prodigieuse® bottle, expressing his modern vision of a prodigious summer. The result is 3 limited edition bottles with the theme of the swimming pool, emblem of the summer chill.

Turquoise floods the iconic bottle of this multi-use and multi-function dry oil with a refreshing "big splash", structured by a background of checkered lines that are disturbed by ripples. The protagonism falls on 3 swimmers, a very recurring theme in the art world and celebration of feminine beauty. And three colors: turquoise, yellow and coral. The metallics of the caps are combined with the bathing suits of the swimmers in «synchronized impressions» mode.

Huile Prodigieuse® by Nuxe is a nourishing treatment that combines 7 oils to repair, nourish and sublimate face, body and hair in a single gesture.

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