Arca Awards for packaging design

Arca Awards for packaging design

The ARCA Awards jury has awarded eight ARCA ORO awards, the highest recognition for the container and packaging industry. The complete list of winners of the ARCA 2020 Awards, by categories, is as follows:

1. ARCA Award for the best beverage packaging, bottle design and / or label
- ARCA Gold Award for SHANIA Bag in Box, by Grafyco
- ARCA Gold Award for Kala, from Granadabarrero. Kala is a delicate tribute to the mothers and grandmothers of Bodegas Contreras Ruiz. To express it, they designed this illustration in silkscreen on glass, embraced by a waxed leather cord and yellow sealing wax as if it were a bouquet. In this bottle they encapsulated two intertwined flowers and a wine dedicated to two generations.

ARCA selection for HONORO VERA USA, by Grafyco
ARCA selection for SATIBASQUE Cannabis aromatic bitter, by Ideolab
ARCA selection for ALTOS DE AIARA, by Hula Estudio
ARCA Selection for Entroido Puro Atlántico, by Anonymous Advertising
ARCA Selection for Font-Major Bottle, by Verallia
ARCA selection for URA, by Gorka Dañobeitia

2. ARCA Award for the best Food packaging
- ARCA Gold Award for Alea iacta est, by Javier Garduño Estudio de Diseño

ARCA selection for Fillip Mango Packaging, from Pets & Brands Business Consulting
ARCA selection for PEIXINHOS OVOS MOLES, from Novotype Europa S.A.
ARCA selection for Leyendas de Baztán, by Alzamora Group
ARCA selection for 'CASTILLO DE JIJONA', rebranding & packaging, by FLUENTIS Branding and Innovation
ARCA selection for BOONS, by Oliver Montiel

3. ARCA Award for the best packaging of Beauty and Perfumery products
- ARCA Gold Award for Sensuality - Alqvimia, from Alzamora Group

4. ARCA Award for the best luxury packaging "Premium Pack"

- ARCA Gold Award for Extrem Puro Extremadura, by Gallén + Ibáñez

ARCA selection for Co-pack Bonito del norte, reserve 6 months from CUCA, from AD + D Estudio Creativo

5. ARCA Award for the best packaging of a home product (tools, furniture, appliances, appliances, etc.)
- ARCA Gold Award for Packaging Wibeee, from El Merkat Brand and Comunicació, S.L.

6. ARCA Award for the best “ecofriendly” packaging
material reduction, recyclable, sustainable production, etc.
- ARCA Gold Award for LatCub, from LatCub

ARCA Selection for Green Beat Pistachios, by Odon Garcia Primo
ARCA selection for It's not a trick, by BUAS

7. ARCA Award for the best “ArcaProx” container designed by a student
- ARCA Gold Award for Hard Rock's Pick !, from the ESI School of Design. Ecofriendly packaging of the new HARD ROCK CAFE CD. Made with FSC wood, it is a guitar pick.

8. ARCA Award for the best packaging in the Miscellaneous, Containers not included in the other categories

ARCA selection for Café Flor de Abril, by Gitanos
ARCA selection for BIZARRO Alternative IPA, Marco Arroyo Vázquez
ARCA Selection for Serendipi'a Effect, by Blackisred

The ARCA Awards, organized by Veredictas International, in collaboration with the Digicom show, meet the essential requirements in reputation management, which is summarized in the following decalogue for a standard of excellence:
1. Awards open to all sector agents, without exceptions, and to all specialized media.
2. A jury exclusively made up of representatives of professional organizations and the specialized press, without professionals appointed by the organization.
3. I veto the members of the jury. No member of the jury can be a participant at the same time.
4. Jury audited and certified by International Verdicts. No member is appointed by the organization or by partisan interests.
5. Sovereign jury; the jury of the ARCA awards does not accept suggestions or conditions from the organizer, no awards are given to magazine clients, association members or exhibitors.
6. The Arca are not financed with public money, nor are they subsidized, they are independent. 

The full list of awards is available at: ARCA Verdict 2020.

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2020 Líderpack winners

2020 Líderpack winners

In this edition of the Líderpack Awards, 86 works from companies and schools from 11 Spanish provinces have been presented. The jury has awarded 13 awards in the packaging specialty, 14 in the POS section and six in Young Design. Likewise, two products have been chosen as "the best of the show" in the packaging and POS sections, respectively: A Premium pack for the "Gran Reserva 50 años de Bodegas Toro Albalá" Balsamic Vinegar, the work of Durero Packaging and Series Nemo, and the Danone van for the Drinks campaign.

There are also 2 awarded works in the special category "best solution against Covid-19" to recognize packaging as an essential sector in the face of the pandemic. These are VisualCan de Aragonesa de Desarrollos e Innovaciones, a flexible material cover to protect beverage cans, and the Flexomed Facial Screen, made with cardboard, foam rubber, Velcro and plastic film, from which more than half a million units in just one month due to the lack of masks last March.

Packaging Categories

The food and beverage packaging categories account for half of the awards. The Barcelona firm Enplater has won a Liderpack for Papershield, a paper container with barrier properties for food products. Hinojosa Packaging Xàtiva has been awarded by Barket, a heat-sealable octagonal corrugated cardboard container for fruits and vegetables, a substitute for plastic, as well as Durero Packaging and Nemo Series, for the case and container for the 50-year-old Gran Reserva Balsamic Vinegar from Bodegas Toro Albalá, which also takes another Liderpack in the Premium Packaging category. Flexomed's proposal for Ubago has also received a Liderpack, which reinvents the way of consuming cod: a recyclable bag with a side cap to desalinate fish in the same container by just adding water.

Regarding the beverage section, the awarded packages stand out for their search for the 'wow' effect at the point of sale. The winners have thus been: the functional wine pack from Gráficas Salnes consisting of two bottles of wine inside a paint bucket as an ice bucket and easily transportable thanks to an attractive micro-channel cover; the sleeve printed in flexography and screen printing by Ovelar for the Treasure Gold cava; and the Ron Barceló Premium Blend 30th anniversary pack with an elegant bottle in a golden case, the work of Durero Packaging and Series Nemo.

In the category of packaging for household products, the winner was the Careli 2007 Flopp system of water-soluble capsules and reusable bottle made from recycled plastic to prepare cleaning products with the aim of reducing single-use plastics.

Meanwhile, the best pharmacy and parapharmacy packaging has corresponded to slimConcept by Leca Graphics, a practical cardboard box that applies the eco-design to contain two types of vials to be consumed on alternate days.

Likewise, the award-winning packaging solution for logistics and distribution this year has been Tecnicarton's telescopic packaging lid, adaptable to different sizes thanks to side tabs.

In the miscellaneous category, the winners were a minimalist and eco-friendly welcome pack for Toro, a new brand of natural and vegan hair cosmetics, the work of JMG Garrofé Disseny; and Climesa's rPETSAC® flexible container made of recycled PET from bottles and therefore recyclable.

Young design

This year in the category for students, to which the 15 finalist projects of the XI National Awards for Packaging and Packaging Design and Sustainability, organized by the Packaging Innovation Cluster, participated, six prizes have been awarded. Two of them respond to the challenge of rethinking honey packaging. This is the Honey extruder project by Jone Pérez Moreno, Garazi Otxandorena Leregi and Mario Marco Nafria, Mondragon Universitatea students, who incorporate an anti-drip dispensing system to a 100% sustainable container to calculate the exact amount of honey extracted; and Apipack by Helena Maestre Leal from EASD Alcoy, a reusable and refillable container with a compression dispenser with an adjustable nozzle used in products such as glues or silicones.

Two other award-winning works provide sustainable returnable packaging solutions for ecommerce: Bettabox by Marina del Pino Arroyo and Salomé Quesada Arias, ESD Madrid students, and Eco-Hybrid Box by Irene Hinojosa Deler, Ana Tudo Bitrián, Daniel Peris Martínez and Javier Redondo from the University of Zaragoza. These are proposals that take into account the optimization of the logistics chain, the elimination of extra packaging and the user experience.

Likewise, the Layer_Bx project by Eva Milan, a student at the Madrid Superior School of Design, has been awarded, consisting of a podium made up of four pieces made from fully recyclable materials that highlight the product on the shelf.

A Liderpack has also been taken with the work Muna ”by Mónica Zapata, Pilar Simón, Ignacio Turón and Rocío Fuentes from the University of Zaragoza, a metallic sheet that provides visibility and enhances a cologne bottle.

Liderpack - Popai Awards to POS

This year in the specialty of POS, the number of awarded works has increased considerably, specifically 14 projects will receive a Liderpack-Popai Award, an award recognized by the Global Marketing and Retail Association, Popai. The Adaequo company has been the great winner in this category with four awards: Display True Instinct Affinity, a tabletop display for dog food products; J’Adore Noel Kit Decor Masterpiece, a large format perfume bottle on a 3D printed podium with gold sequins application; Outpost Deco Merchandising 212 Carolina Herrera furniture and totem poles for this fragrance that imitate fire hydrants; and BIC Range presentation cabinet for the display of pens and lighters.

It is followed by the firm dgé-plv with three awards: Interactive Exhibitor Enjoy Bodegas Vintae that reinforces the consumer experience at the point of sale; Modular and versatile Flutox showcase and the Fluimucil / Espididol rotating display kit for placement in pharmacies.

With two awards each, the firms Tot Display (with the works Noria Kit Kat and Isla Silla Socorrista BDF); Uriach Consumer Healthcare S.L. (Aquilea Magnesio Exhibitor made with lenticular printing and Aquilea Waterfall); and Danone (Extendable height delimiter that allows up to four shelves to be signaled within the linear and “Drink Campaign Van”, to highlight the product displayed in refrigerators placed within the recreation of a vehicle.

Mayence completes the list of winners with Julia Nails Premium, an exclusive nail lacquer display cabinet.

Among the winners in the packaging section, the jury has selected four works that will represent Spain in the WorldStar for Packaging 2021, the most important packaging event in the world, whose decision will be made public next December. In the same way, the six award-winning projects in the Young Design category automatically participate in the WorldStar Student Awards, the packaging competition for students from all over the world.

Hosted by the Graphispack Association and the Hispack show at Fira de Barcelona, ​​the Liderpack 2020 awards will be presented at a ceremony that will take place within the framework of the Hispack celebration, scheduled for October 2021.

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SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

With the Wildly Crafted Bottles range, SeriesNemo has achieved Gold in the Sustainable Design category at the Pentawards 2020.

The Wildly Crafted bottle collection designed by SeriesNemo proposes a disruptive concept in the glass industry, until now characterized by extra white cosmetic glass bottles, with little or no recycled glass, smooth surfaces and without defects. In contrast, Wildly Crafted accept: the inconsistency of the raw material (up to 100% recycled glass), slight color variations, the inevitable defects in any industrial process, the wear of the molds, etc. By adopting bottle imperfections as a value, not a defect, waste is reduced by more than 50%.

The glass in Wildly Crafted bottles comes from the industrial furnace with the highest percentage of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass on the market.

SeriesNemo has created the surface of the WCR bottle collection with a bas-relief texturing (organic texture, not parametric). This has required the creation of a specific patent to offer a textured surface and, at the same time, 100% labellable. This also ensures the easy removal of the label in the cleaning process for subsequent reuse of the bottle and its incorporation back into the production cycle.

The Wildly Crafted range has rewritten the paradigms of industrial molding with interchangeable body, neck and mouth molds. Furthermore, for the development of these bottles, 3 industrial patents have been generated that have allowed the industrial manufacture of bottles with morphological characteristics that until now were only typical of artisan bottles, such as the cut mouth (without neck ring).

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Cabello x Mure wins a Pentawards for Picualia packaging

Cabello x Mure wins a Pentawards for Picualia packaging

The Picualia brand launches a new product on the market, Extra Virgin Olive Oils with flavors, with a packaging designed by Cabello x Mure, which has won a Silver Pentawards 2020 in the category Baby products-Other markets. These strawberry, orange or original flavored oils are initially aimed at the little ones, but are valid for adults as well.

For the design of these products they look for inspiration in the kawai style that allows them to create very simple and friendly elements to communicate with both children and adults.

Following this style they create a very simple and easy to reproduce industrial design. They use a bottle that is reminiscent of the shape of the olive. They paint it in a single color that represents each flavor and they add a label with elements of eyes and mouth that allows to change the different expressions of the character depending on the variety.

The set is finished with a ribbon around the neck of the bottle shaped like an olive leaf. All together creates a nice character for each of the flavors that they have named Picualito.

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XI National Packaging Awards

XI National Packaging Awards

The XI edition of the National Awards for Design and Sustainability of Packaging has awarded sustainable packaging, made with new materials, which take into account the User Experience (UX) in the 'unboxing' of ecommerce products and are returnable.

These awards are an initiative of the Packaging Innovation Cluster and are possible thanks to the support of Ecoembes; the companies Hinojosa Packaging Solutions and Improven; and the ESIC Business & Marketing School. The firms Tecnobox, Flexográfico Packaging, MESbook, NonSlip Iberia, Biconsulting and the ITENE technology center also collaborate.

In this edition, more than 600 students from 26 universities and training schools throughout Spain have participated to solve the packaging challenges that five top-level companies have launched, such as Logifruit, Industrias Alegre, Natra, Apisol and Eurobox.


The winning work of the Logifruit challenge has been the ‘Bambox’ project by Sofía Nieves, Ana Tudo and Javier Redondo from the University of Zaragoza. The proposal consisted in the development of a packaging that was isothermal for use in the last mile of food products. It is a reusable box, made of only two materials and with an easy-to-handle and stack structure. The main novelty is that the insulation system is made of bamboo, a 100% biodegradable and reusable material.

The winners have conducted studies to show that a thin layer of bamboo works as an insulator, but also increases the hygiene and quality of the food that contains it, protecting them from the migration of particles. The packaging includes an empty chamber to achieve efficient, sustainable and hygienic insulation. It includes NFC technology to control the temperature and is an eco-friendly alternative to current refrigerant containers.

In the challenge proposed by Industrias Alegre, the winning work has been 'Eco-Hybrid Box', by Irene Hinojosa, Ana Tudo, Daniel Peris and Javier Redondo from the University of Zaragoza. It is a versatile returnable packaging for e-commerce that takes into account both the optimization of the logistics chain with the elimination of extra packaging, as well as the User Experience.

A sustainable packaging specifically designed to improve the 'unboxing experience' of chocolates for the Japanese market is the winner of the challenge posed by the multinational Natra. The winners have been Cristina Meléndez, Ander Otegi and Endika from Mondragon Unibertsitatea, with the “Iro” project. It is a cylindrical cardboard and paper container with a casing that rotates to exchange the body and the head of the drawings seeking to interact with the user. Its range of three different colors gives a personal touch and variability to the gift, being able to adapt the gift to the context thanks to the various color connotations. Thus, the user can give away the red container when he wishes good health, the blue one when he wishes good luck and the green one when he wishes happiness.
In the case of Apisol, beekeepers since 1912, the winning design is a new concept of packaging for honey that represents a revolution in the sector since the measuring jar was invented. The winning work is the ‘Izadi’ project by Andrea Arruti, Julen Hernández and Hugo Ostiza, from Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

They have proposed a container made with sustainable materials, such as stainless steel, wood and glass. It is a totally recyclable and refillable container, with a dispenser designed so that, when the honey is finished serving, it returns to the inside of the jar without staining the exterior of the container, in this way the user does not have to worry about cleaning the jar.

The Layer_Bx project by Eva Milan, a student at the Madrid Superior School of Design, has been the winner of the challenge proposed by the Eurobox company.

Plan Cantera Cluster Award

Also, to seek that link between the business and economic world, the Plan Cantera Cluster Award has been created: the Packaging Innovation Cluster grants one of the participating students for the completion of the Master in Management [MBM] taught by ESIC Business & Marketing School. The winner was Ana Tudo Bitrián, a student at the University of Zaragoza.

The scholarship for the winning student is for the total tuition for the course, valued at € 20,000. In addition, during the duration of the Master, they will carry out internships in the Packaging Cluster.

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