Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottles of Angels' Share and Roses on ice by Kilian

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottles of Angels' Share and Roses on ice by Kilian

Kilian Paris entrusted Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie with the creation of the bottles of the new fragrances The Liquors. A thick glass, engraved with the emblematic K motif, reflecting light from every angle. Trompe l'oeil objects, reminiscent of cocktail glasses in Art Deco bars... The great complexity of the design of this bottle required a technical feat from the Stoelzle team.

Angels' Share was concocted in collaboration with perfumer Benoist Lapouza. Roses on ice is the fruit of the collaboration on the taste of "gin on the rocks" between Kilian Hennessy and perfumer Franck Voelkl.

For the launch of these fragrances, several challenges were successfully met: a facetted bottle, very rich in glass, carried by a very small screw ring; a very regular distribution at the base and shoulder despite very pronounced intaglio engraving; the creation of a very specific mould, requiring a demoulding in several parts; and perfect dimensional control to allow a good positioning and gluing of the plate.

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TNT Global Manufacturing meets a new challenge with the collar and caps for Loubiworld collection

TNT Global Manufacturing meets a new challenge with the collar and caps for Loubiworld collection

Louboutin's Looubiworld collection combines the elegance of the brand's iconic red and the metallic shine of nickel, enhanced with epoxy or plastic. TNT Global Manufacturing has materialized the brand's creative design through the collar, made of two pieces - an aluminium stovepipe and a brass plate, respectively nickel-anodized and nickel-galvanized - and hidden by the 100% recyclable injected zamak cap, once assembled. Each head is embellished with red details in epoxy or plastic.

There are 7 patterns:

Loubifunk: Pineapple composed of 4 zamak pieces including 2 with epoxy inlay inside the top leaves.

Loubidoo: Cat made of 5 zamak pieces. Epoxy ears and red plastic lipstick.

Loubikiss: Mexican style head made of 2 zamak pieces, with lips covered with a thin layer of epoxy.

Loubirouge: Iconic Louboutin stiletto, with heel on Paris, overlooking the globe, made of 3 zamak pieces, and sole covered with a thin layer of epoxy, requiring excellent know-how given the complexity of the surface to be covered.

Loubiraj: Indian tiger made of 3 zamak pieces and a red plastic jewel on the side of the top.

Loubicrown: Crown made of 2 zamak pieces and 4 "precious" stones in red plastic.

Loubicroc: Egyptian crocodile wrapping an obelisk, made of 3 zamak pieces, with epoxy-coated claws on each leg.

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Coverpla creations are rewarded at the Fragrance Foundation Awards

Coverpla creations are rewarded at the Fragrance Foundation Awards

The Fragrance Foundation France delivered the FIFI Awards to French perfumers. Among the winners were Ganymède by the couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois and Parfums Bastille, both with packaging developed by Coverpla.

In the “Independent Niche Brands” category, Ganymède is the fruit of the complicity between the couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois and the perfumer Quentin Bisch. When it comes to the packaging, the brand chose a bottle, cap and pump cover from the Coverpla collection associated with an invisible pump from Silgan. The assembly and décor were realized in Coverpla’s workshop in Nice.

Bastille Paris took home the “Responsible Innovation in Fragrance” award. In compliance with ISO 9235 norms, the juices are made from 95% natural ingredients. Made entirely in France, their packaging is made up of a recycled cardboard box and a bottle with only the amount of plastic required for the pump and the cap insert. For its part, Coverpla supplied the Laura bottle from its collection in a 50ml format. The brand selected this model for its thin base, avoiding excess material. The design features the Passion cap, also from Coverpla’s catalog.

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Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottle of 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis'

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottle of 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis'

In addition to its size and subtle curvature - reminiscent of the legendary "Pour un Homme", created in 1934 - but resolutely contemporary, 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis', the new men's fragrance by Parfums Caron, has its own personality, marked by its more architectural lines. A perfume with hazelnut and vetiver concocted by the house perfumer, Jean Jacques.

The Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie teams put all their technical know-how into the creation of these beautiful 75 ml and 125 ml bottles (resourced, in the tradition of the 80s by Parfums Caron).

A very structured bottle with curved sides required a very technical design of the tooling and a good mastery of the process in order to obtain the right distribution at the level of the columns and the shoulder. In addition, the small screw ring for a high glass weight was another challenge. Indeed, Parfums Caron's environmental charter required easy separation of the pump from the bottle during disposal.

Finally, a particularly delicate check had to be performed to verify the flatness of the window for the plate housing. Another fine detail was a discreet parting line.

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Verescence produces Valentino Beauty’s Voce Viva bottle

Verescence produces Valentino Beauty’s Voce Viva bottle

L’Oréal called on Verescence’s glass expertise to produce the 30ml and 100ml bottles of Valentino Beauty’s new feminine fragrance, Voce Viva.

With its square section, the Voce Viva bottle fits into the codes of the Italian fashion house: "Color, Cool, Couture". The unique silhouette of the bottle, notched on the sides, is particularly accomplished and beautifully embodies the "Rockstud", iconic symbol of Maison Valentino.

"The Voce Viva bottle required all the glass-making expertise of our French glass manufacturing site in Mers-les-Bains. The bottle combines flat shoulders and a homogeneous distribution of glass with two inverted studs pointing towards the inside of the bottle on more than 10mm”, explains Samuel Joachim, Director of Innovation.

This complex balance of design confers a modern and strong character to the Voce Viva bottle. The bottle was fire finished to accentuate its brightness while maintaining sharp edges.

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