Loco Barber, wines with augmented reality

Loco Barber, wines with augmented reality

Reserva de la Tierra presents the new range of Loco Barber wines with augmented reality, an innovation in the Spanish wine sector. By downloading the Wines & Stories app and scanning the labels, consumers can immerse themselves in the terrifying Barcelona of 1789.

Loco Barber is based on the legend of a murderous Barber who supposedly acted in Barcelona 3 centuries ago. The same story told from four different points of view, that of the murderer, the mistress, the police and the prisoner, who come to life in each of the wine bottles.

Both the idea and the design of Loco Barber is internal, it was developed in the marketing department of the Reserva de la Tierra winery.

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Caña Nature and ITC Packaging launch a barrier container for guacamole and salmorejo

Caña Nature and ITC Packaging launch a barrier container for guacamole and salmorejo

For Guacamole and Salmorejo of Caña Nature (Grupo La Caña), ITC Packaging has developed a new container with a capacity of 225 ml and an attractive geometry thanks to its rectangular topped base.

The packaging incorporates barrier properties that allow it to extend the shelf life of food, keeping its organoleptic properties intact. This new format is heat sealable, it is made of PP with IML decoration and it is recyclable by depositing it in the yellow container.

Caña Nature is using it for the packaging of its new range of guacamole made up of four varieties: traditional, rich in vitamin A, rich in fiber and low in calories. The packaging has also served for the commercialization of two products derived from tomato, natural salmorejo and grated tomato, all recently launched on the market.

This new range of IV and V range products are manufactured in the new facilities located in Escúzar, Granada, Spain, more than 5,000 m2 of facilities equipped with the most modern equipment and which has involved an investment of more than 5 million euros.

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Guerlain launches a limited edition of its Muguet fragrance

Guerlain launches a limited edition of its Muguet fragrance

Guerlain launches a limited edition of its famous Muguet fragrance, lily of the valley. Fresh and vibrant, the end result is a soft, cheery, green and floral scent.

For this year's edition, Guerlain has worked with the Maison Massillon design studio. The designers have created a distinctive, custom-made floral accessory for Muguet's iconic bee jar. The piece features a 24-carat gold thread strewn with a set of exquisite pure white flowers and stamens.

Cascading over the dome of the bee jar, this delicate piece brings beauty to the Muguet fragrance. As a finishing touch, a fine gold cord has been added around the neck of the bottle, with a label at the heart of each.

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Nicolas Feuillatte bets on metal with Crown

Nicolas Feuillatte bets on metal with Crown

The prestigious champagne brand Nicolas Feuillatte commissioned Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe to create a limited edition can. The result is a container made entirely of metal that eliminates the need to insert a piece of plastic for the bottle to hold.

The Crown team of designers in Mansfield, UK, where the cans were also manufactured, developed and presented a number of options, from which Nicolas Feuillatte chose the round to square format with an innovative upgrade. Removing the plastic piece posed a unique design challenge for the team, who created a new cap with a custom-made slot to hold the bottle by the end of the neck.

The design of the can, which combines metallic and opaque areas, relief details and a general matte finish, commemorates in several ways the inclusion of the vineyards, houses and wineries of Champagne in the list of properties declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The design also pays tribute to many other UNESCO World Heritage-listed properties, including Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France, and the Statue of Liberty in New York. The representation of fireworks in the sky adds a touch of celebration.

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An ecological alternative to single-use plastic wins the Better with Less – Design Challenge

An ecological alternative to single-use plastic wins the  Better with Less – Design Challenge

The winner of Metsä Board’s international packaging design competition the Better with Less – Design Challenge is ‘Expandable Eco Street Food Ware’ a smart and ecological solution.

It is a highly adaptable plastic-free packaging that can provide a simple and trendy alternative to plastic and styrofoam containers which are used to serve fast food.

The paperboard container is 10 inches in diameter when laid flat and can be folded up to eight different ways ranging from a cone to a plate.

The Expandable Eco Street Food Ware was designed by Christine Gamboa, a Senior Art Director, and Gaudy Danao III, an Associate Creative Director, both from the Philippines. Christine and Gaudy will receive the main prize of 7,000 euros.

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