SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

With the Wildly Crafted Bottles range, SeriesNemo has achieved Gold in the Sustainable Design category at the Pentawards 2020.

The Wildly Crafted bottle collection designed by SeriesNemo proposes a disruptive concept in the glass industry, until now characterized by extra white cosmetic glass bottles, with little or no recycled glass, smooth surfaces and without defects. In contrast, Wildly Crafted accept: the inconsistency of the raw material (up to 100% recycled glass), slight color variations, the inevitable defects in any industrial process, the wear of the molds, etc. By adopting bottle imperfections as a value, not a defect, waste is reduced by more than 50%.

The glass in Wildly Crafted bottles comes from the industrial furnace with the highest percentage of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass on the market.

SeriesNemo has created the surface of the WCR bottle collection with a bas-relief texturing (organic texture, not parametric). This has required the creation of a specific patent to offer a textured surface and, at the same time, 100% labellable. This also ensures the easy removal of the label in the cleaning process for subsequent reuse of the bottle and its incorporation back into the production cycle.

The Wildly Crafted range has rewritten the paradigms of industrial molding with interchangeable body, neck and mouth molds. Furthermore, for the development of these bottles, 3 industrial patents have been generated that have allowed the industrial manufacture of bottles with morphological characteristics that until now were only typical of artisan bottles, such as the cut mouth (without neck ring).

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