Cosfibel creates the Christmas coffrets of Paco Rabanne

Cosfibel creates the Christmas coffrets of Paco Rabanne

These holiday coffrets made by Cosfibel from tin embossed with gadroons are designed to evoke corrugated cardboard packages. Offered in classic and collector versions in different formats and with ingenious décor, these two models are each dressed in the color of the fragrance they hold.
Developed in five different colors respectively for Paco Rabanne's One Million, One Million Lucky, Black XS For Her, Olympéa and Pure XS For Her, the classic coffret is designed to hold a fragrance and one or two ancillary products. Its lid has an embossed channel that allows it to be clipped onto the base for a secure closure. Made from screen-printed white metal that is subsequently embossed, the coffret is then protected with a varnish applied using flexography. Next to the brand’s logo, we can read the text “Express Delivery guaranteed, whatever happens.” Behind the transparent chock, the décor is made from cutout fringes of waffled gold laminated paper. The coffret is delivered in a crystal PET sheath made by Grumbe SL, a division of Cosfibel Industries.
In addition, there are the collector editions. Also declined in five colors, in five sizes dedicated to Pure XS, Olympéa, Invictus, One Million and Lady Million, this lidless design is conceived to hold a large bottle of fragrance as well as a travel spray. Under the chock, the letters “P” and “R” appear, as well as festive shapes made from molded polystyrene and coated with glitter.

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