Orchidée Impériale de Guerlain, in a more sustainable packaging

Orchidée Impériale de Guerlain, in a more sustainable packaging

Guerlain has presented a new texture of Orchidée Impériale, the Light Cream, in a container of contemporary design design more organic and ecological.
From the shape of the jar to the case, everything has been redesigned, maintaining the same capacity (50 ml). The weight of the glass has been reduced and adjusted the volume, it has saved on raw materials (10 in place of 17) and packaging made with paper has been used unplasticized and pine cellulose, reducing carbon emissions by 55% and the weight of the jar by 60%.
The packaging volume has also been reduced by 40%. A QR code avoids the need for paper and allows the customer connect directly with the web, to consult information about the product and its method of application, in addition to its traceability thanks to access to the Bee Respect platform.

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