Verallia's New Virtual Glass

Virtual Glass by Verallia allows you to create and visualize glass containers (bottles and jars) filled, labeled and capped with great realism. It is able to quickly generate hyperrealistic representations with a very high image definition. These virtual designs include up to six models and can also be used as a marketing tool (online catalogs, promotional renders, etc.).
With Virtual Glass, accessible only from MyVerallia - Verallia's customer portal - only a few clicks are needed to generate a realistic appearance of a complete packaging. After choosing a bottle from the catalog, the customer can import their own labels to visualize the ‘prototype’ of their product. In addition, you can try to place it in a neutral or realistic scene (such as the linear one of a supermarket) and even compare it with another project or an existing product in the market, as well as share your creation with the team.
Launched already in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, Virtual Glass will be available shortly in all the countries in which the company operates.

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