Germark launches a digital authentication method with two other companies

Germark, a leading manufacturer of labels in Spain, has launched, along with two other companies, a pioneering digital authentication system to end the sale of fake medicines. This is Adfirmia Multibox, designed so that the pharmaceutical industry can protect and increase the safety of its products and allows users to check the authenticity of the medications.
According to Iban Cid, CEO of Germark, the solution is a "great example of international business collaboration and will represent an important step forward to ensure the safety and traceability of medicines." Germark has developed Adfirmia Multibox, together with the firms Arjo Solutions and Cognex. Germark is responsible for the structure and all the hardware; Arjo Solutions is a French group expert in the creation of authentication and traceability systems, and Cognex is a leading American firm in industrial vision systems, which has produced the camera to take the unique image of each product.
The Adfirmia Multibox system bases its operation on "taking, through a camera, a special, unitary and unique image of each medication with the precision of a fingerprint," explains Tony Valls, market director of the pharmaceutical sector of Germark . Each image corresponds to an algorithm that is stored in the database and that "allows verifying the authenticity of each product through an app and a mobile phone in real time by the consumer." It does not require product marking and does not need any consumables.
The solution wants to complement the current rules on serialized labeling of medicines. In addition to strengthening the protection of brands and the consumer, it allows you to verify the authenticity of any pharmaceutical product received online or sold in geographic regions where there is still no unit monitoring of product tracking. Although it is "focused on the pharmaceutical industry, it is also adaptable to sectors such as wine, cosmetics, etc.", concludes Cid.

94% of the Spanish population ask to improve recycling infrastructures in public spaces

The aluminum can is the most recycled container in Europe with a rate of 74.5%. To reach a recycling rate close to 100%, one of the fundamental issues is to improve the recycling infrastructure away from home. This is also believed by 94% of the Spanish population, which considers it necessary to improve resources for recycling in the streets. In fact, nine out of ten say they would effectively recycle more if there were more selective wastebaskets in public spaces.
These data are derived from the “We have another beat” survey carried out by Ball, a world manufacturer of aluminum cans, where the perceptions of Spanish population on the sustainability of packaging and recycling habits are analyzed. The study also concludes that 78% of citizens feel frustrated when they want to recycle containers in the urban environment and do not see selective wastebaskets to separate.
According to the survey, 81.7% of Spanish consumers consider it very important that the packaging is respectful of the environment, which reflects the growing awareness of public opinion regarding sustainability and recycling. However, only 38.4% say they only buy containers that are environmentally friendly.

CTL-TH Packaging expands its services with the HP Indigo 6800 and HP Indigo 20000 digital press

Tuboplast, a company belonging to the CTL-TH Packaging group, has an HP Indigo 6800 digital press and an HP Indigo 20000, with which the company improves its printing services, incorporating IML technology for flexible plastic tubes, including high decorations quality, new metal and holographic aesthetics, and high value-added security applications such as serialization, watermark, mosaic or augmented reality.
This allows the CTL-TH Packaging group to reduce the delivery time, increasing flexibility and reducing the consumption of raw material, as well as improving the quality and consistency of the decoration of the tubes in a sustainable way, achieving 100% recyclable tubes (100% mono material PP), which has allowed them to obtain the ETMA 2019 award in the prototype category with a tube printed with HP Indigo technology.

VII Strategic Immersion of the Packaging Cluster

The VII meeting of the Strategic Immersion of the Packaging Cluster, held in Mataró (Barcelona) on 24 and 25 October, brought together more than 140 professionals from the packaging industry and had the support of Acció. The conferences dealt with key topics for the sector such as: shared value and circular economy; market trends; strategy and innovation; technology and digitalisation.
David Bote, Mayor of Mataró, and Artur Costa, President of the Packaging Cluster, opened the meeting, emphasising the value of industry as a strategic element for the economic and social development of the territory.
The first part of Thursday morning began with two talks: "The future of luxury packaging", by Camil Castellà (Aktiva Design), and "The 2030 horizon for packaging in Europe", by Ferran Tarradelles (European Commission), where consumer trends and legislation already affecting the packaging industry were presented.
The second part had three presentations: "Sustainability 360: a holistic approach to sustainable packaging", by María Coronado (Euromonitor); "How to apply the ODS to the company", by Silvia Ayuso (Academic Chair in CSR Mango) and "Human being in the 4.industrial revolution" by Josep María Ganyet (UPF Professor), who transmitted key aspects such as the importance of the circular economy; the incorporation of social and environmental elements into the business strategy, as well as the impact of technology on the transformation of companies and society itself.
Thursday afternoon focused on a workshop on communication, in which Cristina Masachs (Softlanding) explained and energized "How to connect in the era of distraction through a good story", relying on the interaction of attendees. Finally, Thursday ended with a percussion workshop to lead the body to the rhythm of music.
On Friday there were two presentations, by Albert Riba (Shaking Minds), who showed the results of "People Analytics" of the packaging sector, and Jordi Ordoñez (Consultant), who spoke sbore "Opportunities for industrial companies in the world of e-commerce and B2B", focusing on how to work with a platform like Amazon. In the second part of the morning, Joan Martí and Raimon Puigjané presented the Shared Value project carried out with Acció and the consultancy firm R4S. Afterwards, Lluís Miravitzlles (IQS) spoke about "Attracting and developing talent in the 4.0 environment". Finally, Ignasi Cubiñá (EIG) explained "Circularity in the world of packaging", moderating a round table with experts from the sector, with the participation of Victor M. Sanchez (Sorbos), Aitor Susaño (Corium) and Carles Salesa (Consorcio Residuos Maresme).

Fedrigoni acquires Ritrama

Fedrigoni S.p.A., an Italian and European leader in the production of specialty papers and high value-added products for packaging and fine printing and self-adhesive labels, has signed an agreement to acquire the Ritrama group, an Italian multinational group specializing in self-adhesive products.
Ritrama has manufacturing facilities in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Chile and China. The Rink family, founders of Ritrama, will maintain ownership of and continue to manage Ritrama’s North American operations, while continuing its business partnership with the rest of the Group.
This acquisition—the second since Fedrigoni’s acquisition by Bain Capital—reinforces Fedrigoni’s position as one of the top players in the European Pressure Sensitive Labels market, in which it operates through the Arconvert and Manter brands. The acquisition combines Fedrigoni’s excellence in the production of wine labels (for which Fedrigoni is the second-largest producer globally), and in the production of labels for the food, household and logistics markets, with the advanced self-adhesive technologies of Ritrama, which is one of the top producers globally of labels for the pharmaceutical, beverage and personal care markets

Metalicoplastico distributes Albéa's airless in Spain and Portugal

Metalicoplastico, SA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging for the cosmetic industry, has announced the new distribution of airless containers of Albéa, for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
The wide range of airless, very easy to fill, is manufactured in the facilities that Albéa has in Lacrost (France). The packages can be supplied on demand, anonymous or decorated by various possible techniques.
With this new addition, the company expands its range of packages, with the total confidence and support of Albéa, with which they work in the distribution in Spain of foamers or foaming containers for many years, and for which they also add the market Portuguese.




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