SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

SeriesNemo, Pentawards award for the Best Sustainable Packaging 2020

With the Wildly Crafted Bottles range, SeriesNemo has achieved Gold in the Sustainable Design category at the Pentawards 2020.

The Wildly Crafted bottle collection designed by SeriesNemo proposes a disruptive concept in the glass industry, until now characterized by extra white cosmetic glass bottles, with little or no recycled glass, smooth surfaces and without defects. In contrast, Wildly Crafted accept: the inconsistency of the raw material (up to 100% recycled glass), slight color variations, the inevitable defects in any industrial process, the wear of the molds, etc. By adopting bottle imperfections as a value, not a defect, waste is reduced by more than 50%.

The glass in Wildly Crafted bottles comes from the industrial furnace with the highest percentage of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass on the market.

SeriesNemo has created the surface of the WCR bottle collection with a bas-relief texturing (organic texture, not parametric). This has required the creation of a specific patent to offer a textured surface and, at the same time, 100% labellable. This also ensures the easy removal of the label in the cleaning process for subsequent reuse of the bottle and its incorporation back into the production cycle.

The Wildly Crafted range has rewritten the paradigms of industrial molding with interchangeable body, neck and mouth molds. Furthermore, for the development of these bottles, 3 industrial patents have been generated that have allowed the industrial manufacture of bottles with morphological characteristics that until now were only typical of artisan bottles, such as the cut mouth (without neck ring).

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Second Skin Case, the sustainable innovation of Ruinart

Second Skin Case, the sustainable innovation of Ruinart

In 2020, Ruinart breaks with the tradition of individual gift boxes, and pushes its global, environmental approach further with the Second Skin Case. This eco-designed casing is a an entirely recyclable cloak composed of 100% natural wood fibers.

A direct hommage to the Crayères, the minimalist paper case features a silky yet textured surface that evokes the historic wine cellars of the Maison in Reims. The design of the case reinterprets the elegant gestures ofgastronomic establishments: it is inspired by the manner in which maîtres d’hôtels wrap a white serviette around bottles of champagne.

It is the result of two years of dialogue between Maison Ruinart's teams and its manufacturing partners, Pusterla 1880 and James Cropper. It took seven prototypes to arrive at this pulped paper case, which solved two technological challenges.

The first challenge was to render the case impermeable to any light that might risk altering the wine, especially with clear glass bottles. A new technique was developed to enrich the cellulose mix with a natural metallic oxide, which reinforced the opacity by adding a protective layer.

The second challenge was to insure that the case could protect the wine right up until tasting, while being resistant to service uses (including contact with water) without deteriorating. Adapted to refrigerated conservation, the case even maintains its integrity for several hours when stored in a bucket of ice.

Second Skin Case is molded to the contours of the bottle in three dimensions, hugging its curves. Its absence of edges and raw, sophisticated aesthetic are obtained through high-pressure waterjet cutting. Imprinted with the Maison’s monogram, the paper’s closure system is at once discreet and intuitive.

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Diageo announces the creation of 100% plastic free paper-based spirits bottle

Diageo announces the creation of 100% plastic free paper-based spirits bottle

Diageo, makers of Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Guinness, has created the world’s first ever 100% plastic free paper-based spirits bottle, made entirely from sustainably sourced wood. The bottle will debut with the Scotch Whisky Johnnie Walker, in early 2021.

It comes as Diageo has announced a new partnership with Pilot Lite, a venture management company, to launch Pulpex Limited, a new world-leading sustainable packaging technology company. Pulpex Limited has established a partner consortium of world leading FMCG companies in non-competing categories including Unilever, and PepsiCo, with further partners expected to be announced later in the year. The consortium partners are each expecting to launch their own branded paper bottles, based on Pulpex Limited’s design and technology, in 2021.

Pulpex Limited has developed a ‘first-of-its-kind’ scalable paper-based bottle designed and developed to be 100% plastic free and expected to be fully recyclable. The bottle is made from sustainably sourced pulp to meet food-safe standards and will be fully recyclable in standard waste streams. 

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New Pepsi MAX® packaging

New Pepsi MAX® packaging

Pepsi MAX, Pepsi's zero sugar drink, renews its packaging to reinforce the iconicity of its logo, maximizing its brand visibility and the appearance of the product. A commitment to a more disruptive design, which highlights the shapes of all packaging and highlights its zero sugar formula, with the predominance of the brand's characteristic black, blue, white and red colors, in two new formats: the Sleek can and the AXL bottle.

The Sleek can, with a more premium elongated design, replaces the traditional can format. The AXL bottle introduces a more accentuated twist to its design, following the style developed by the brand in its glass bottle.

The new image enhances the sinuous shapes of its packaging, which gains in ergonomics, while incorporating design elements that enhance the iconic ‘Pepsi Globe’ in an illustrative game that gives it more prominence.

On the occasion of the launch of its new packaging, Pepsi MAX has launched a collaboration with the Spanish artist Abraham Menéndez, better known as 'Abe The Ape', and the photographer Manu Toro, who have developed together with the brand a creative imaginary, inspired by new packaging. A graphic line that has resulted in two original illustrations and two oneiric photographs that will give life to the new image of the packaging, revealing what ‘The most instagrammable food’ and ‘The coolest dinner’ would be in which Pepsi MAX cannot be missing.

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UPM Raflatac partners with Vellamo for a sustainable label

UPM Raflatac partners with Vellamo for a sustainable label

UPM Raflatac is partnering with Vellamo, Finland’s award-winning natural mineral water for a sustainable label. Vellamo’s bottles feature UPM Raflatac Forest Film PPTM, the world’s first and only wood-based polypropylene plastic label material.

This transparent label material is constructed from UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100 percent wood-based solution made from tall oil, a residue of pulp production, originating from sustainably managed forests.

“This is an ideal collaboration to showcase how labels matter when it comes to sustainable packaging,” says Timo Kekki, Vice President, Films Business, UPM Raflatac.

Forest Film PP is made from 100 percent renewable wood-based raw materials in an ISCC certified value chain and has identical quality and performance as conventional fossil-based films.

Vellamo adheres to strict natural mineral water standards to maintain its official seal of approval and high-quality status of being naturally pure, unique in taste, bottled at the source, and containing no environmental pollution or added minerals or sweeteners. The high-quality, sustainable label is an integral part of the Vellamo water brand and supports Vellamo’s CO2ZERO Sustainability Program which aims to reduce CO2 emissions during the product’s lifecycle to zero.

The label also features UPM Raflatac’s RafMore, an innovative smart label solution that allows consumers to scan the label unique to every Vellamo bottle and access real-time product lifecycle and carbon footprint data.

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