The No Man's Space Eclipse Gin label by Spazio di Paolo, awarded with the Arconvert Label Award

The No Man's Space Eclipse Gin label by Spazio di Paolo, awarded with the Arconvert Label Award

No Man's Space Eclipse Gin by Spazio di Paolo is the winner of the Arconvert Label Award, one of the three special Dieline Awards awarded by Arconvert, the official partner of these awards.

Eclipse Gin is part of a Brand Breeder line, No Man’s Space, designed by designer Mario di Paolo of Spazio di Paolo. The packaging reaches a three-dimensional level with a minimalist but elegant design.

Eclipse Gin has an imaginative three-dimensional label representing a solar eclipse, which is sustainable because it is printed using two different papers made from 100% cotton fibers.

Cotone Bianco, produced at the historic Fabriano factory in Fedrigoni from pure cotton fibers, an annually renewable plant, is a self-adhesive paper with a felt felt texture and a delicate natural white hue. The high substance makes it perfect for high and low relief finishes.

In addition, the label features a new Arconvert material, Cotone Nero Felt. Combined with the new SH9020TM permanent adhesive and Ultra WSTM treatment, this deep black version with a special felt-marked texture is an addition to the Manter range produced by Arconvert. Tinted directly on the paper stock, avoids the unsightly problem of white label edges.

This project is printed by the label producer Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche, based in northeast Italy.

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A Telleira Parcelas, a wine with a label tribute to the laces of Camariñas

A Telleira Parcelas, a wine with a label tribute to the laces of Camariñas

The project A Telleira for the Spanish winery Grupo Reboreda Morgadio’s is designed by the Spanish wine designers of Enpedra Studio and realized by Coreti. The adhesive label is the result of a complex production and it wants to remind and celebrate the lacemakers, the palilleiras, from the famous region Camariñas (La Coruña, Spain).

A tribute to elegance, tradition and craftsmanship. This label is printed on Arconvert’s Waterproof White, a pure cellulose natural paper treated with an exclusive formula that guarantees high resistance in the ice bucket and maintains opacity in the presence of condensation.

In addition to the unique die-cutting with partial removal, this label presents several embellishments like the special lace effect created by a casting produced exclusively for this project. The silver stamping and the relief varnish are further finishing touches of this refined label.

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Loco Barber, wines with augmented reality

Loco Barber, wines with augmented reality

Reserva de la Tierra presents the new range of Loco Barber wines with augmented reality, an innovation in the Spanish wine sector. By downloading the Wines & Stories app and scanning the labels, consumers can immerse themselves in the terrifying Barcelona of 1789.

Loco Barber is based on the legend of a murderous Barber who supposedly acted in Barcelona 3 centuries ago. The same story told from four different points of view, that of the murderer, the mistress, the police and the prisoner, who come to life in each of the wine bottles.

Both the idea and the design of Loco Barber is internal, it was developed in the marketing department of the Reserva de la Tierra winery.

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Nicolas Feuillatte bets on metal with Crown

Nicolas Feuillatte bets on metal with Crown

The prestigious champagne brand Nicolas Feuillatte commissioned Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe to create a limited edition can. The result is a container made entirely of metal that eliminates the need to insert a piece of plastic for the bottle to hold.

The Crown team of designers in Mansfield, UK, where the cans were also manufactured, developed and presented a number of options, from which Nicolas Feuillatte chose the round to square format with an innovative upgrade. Removing the plastic piece posed a unique design challenge for the team, who created a new cap with a custom-made slot to hold the bottle by the end of the neck.

The design of the can, which combines metallic and opaque areas, relief details and a general matte finish, commemorates in several ways the inclusion of the vineyards, houses and wineries of Champagne in the list of properties declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The design also pays tribute to many other UNESCO World Heritage-listed properties, including Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France, and the Statue of Liberty in New York. The representation of fireworks in the sky adds a touch of celebration.

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Metsä Board designs new Arctic Blue Gin package

Metsä Board designs new Arctic Blue Gin package

Metsä Board has designed the Arctic Blue Gin package for the U.S. market with an impressive holographic design inspired by the Northern Lights.

Nordic Premium Beverages, the Finland-based wine and spirit company, tasked Metsä Board to design the  package using MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright lightweight folding boxboard.

Metsä Board designed the package structure, the original graphics, and the embossing. The Northern Lights image was created by printing on top of Envirofoil®, which is a plastic-free, holographic metalization effect created by the paper converter Hazen, and uses 1% of the aluminium of traditional foil laminates– making it economical and environmentally friendly.

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