Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottle of 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis'

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie creates the bottle of 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis'

In addition to its size and subtle curvature - reminiscent of the legendary "Pour un Homme", created in 1934 - but resolutely contemporary, 'Aimez-Moi comme je suis', the new men's fragrance by Parfums Caron, has its own personality, marked by its more architectural lines. A perfume with hazelnut and vetiver concocted by the house perfumer, Jean Jacques.

The Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie teams put all their technical know-how into the creation of these beautiful 75 ml and 125 ml bottles (resourced, in the tradition of the 80s by Parfums Caron).

A very structured bottle with curved sides required a very technical design of the tooling and a good mastery of the process in order to obtain the right distribution at the level of the columns and the shoulder. In addition, the small screw ring for a high glass weight was another challenge. Indeed, Parfums Caron's environmental charter required easy separation of the pump from the bottle during disposal.

Finally, a particularly delicate check had to be performed to verify the flatness of the window for the plate housing. Another fine detail was a discreet parting line.

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Verescence produces Valentino Beauty’s Voce Viva bottle

Verescence produces Valentino Beauty’s Voce Viva bottle

L’Oréal called on Verescence’s glass expertise to produce the 30ml and 100ml bottles of Valentino Beauty’s new feminine fragrance, Voce Viva.

With its square section, the Voce Viva bottle fits into the codes of the Italian fashion house: "Color, Cool, Couture". The unique silhouette of the bottle, notched on the sides, is particularly accomplished and beautifully embodies the "Rockstud", iconic symbol of Maison Valentino.

"The Voce Viva bottle required all the glass-making expertise of our French glass manufacturing site in Mers-les-Bains. The bottle combines flat shoulders and a homogeneous distribution of glass with two inverted studs pointing towards the inside of the bottle on more than 10mm”, explains Samuel Joachim, Director of Innovation.

This complex balance of design confers a modern and strong character to the Voce Viva bottle. The bottle was fire finished to accentuate its brightness while maintaining sharp edges.

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GPA Luxury manufactures the case of Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

GPA Luxury manufactures the case of Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

Woodford Reserve is considered one of the world’s finest bourbons, and its luxury offering - Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition - set a new standard in American Whiskey. The product is bottled in a bespoke decanter manufactured by iconic French crystal maker Baccarat. It is housed in the iconic red and white Baccarat case manufactured by GPA Luxury.

The pack is comprised of a rigid box fronted with double doors held closed with hidden magnets. They wrapped the exterior with custom-dyed red, leather-imitation paper and attached a rigid board plaque to the doors, bearing the Woodford Reserve branding in silk-screened, pearl-white ink.

Inside, the pack is lined with white, textured satin-silk fabric. The bottle of bourbon is held securely in a concealed EVA fitment surrounded by a base section wrapped in the same red paper as the exterior. Here, they added a small amount of embossed, hot-stamped, gold foil text.

The pack includes a crystal stopper, designed to replace the gold cork cap used during transit. This alternative stopper is held securely in a cavity in the backboard, next to the neck of the bottle. End users can also enjoy the addition of a removable, rigid board certificate holder, once again wrapped in that distinctive red paper. This is held in a cavity within one of the doors and can be easily slipped out using the finger recess.

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Aptar Beauty + Home has created a unique solution in partnership with Shiseido

Aptar Beauty + Home has created a unique solution in partnership with Shiseido

After a full year’s intense work on materials, molds, forms and textures, l’Eau d’Issey the iconic fragrance from Issey Miyake, is now available in a double pack concept named IGO / ISTAY, as a result of the collaboration between Aptar Beauty + Home and Shiseido.

Slender and elegant, the ISTAY flacons honour the emblematic original design of l’Eau d’Issey fragrance bottles which were intended to remain sedentary, unlike the IGO caps which complete them.

Containing 20ml of fragrance and an integrated vaporizer, the IGO capclips easily on and off the ISTAY base, presenting an ideal travel format.

Light and unbreakable, Its technical culmination is achieved in the women’s version of l’Eau d’Issey for which the nomadic cover cap is fitted with a spherical actuator containing a safety device to guarantee a perfect seal.

Both the men’s and women’s IGO caps mirror the color shades of the original fragrances — the lacquer of the men’s iteration and metallization of the women’s — while ensuring optimal performance of the aluminium, leather and silver finishing.

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Pujolasos launches “Woodle®”, a wooden cap with disposable plastic inner

Pujolasos launches “Woodle®”, a wooden cap with disposable plastic inner

Pujolasos team launches the first wooden cap with disposable plastic inner for recycling, manufactured from natural materials, such as wood and with a specific plastic inner designed to be recycled after its useful life.

This innovation is compatible with most existing and potential developments, both in perfumery and cosmetics, oriented towards sustainability. The disposable plastic inner can also be injected in PCR. This patent is applicable to any material that covers such plastic innovation, not just wood.

Wood is a noble, organic and 100% natural material associated to luxury and sustainability. If it is complemented with this “Woodle®” innovation, it responds to the current market need and demand aimed at offering consumers sustainable packaging products for the beauty sector.

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