New Pepsi MAX® packaging

New Pepsi MAX® packaging

Pepsi MAX, Pepsi's zero sugar drink, renews its packaging to reinforce the iconicity of its logo, maximizing its brand visibility and the appearance of the product. A commitment to a more disruptive design, which highlights the shapes of all packaging and highlights its zero sugar formula, with the predominance of the brand's characteristic black, blue, white and red colors, in two new formats: the Sleek can and the AXL bottle.

The Sleek can, with a more premium elongated design, replaces the traditional can format. The AXL bottle introduces a more accentuated twist to its design, following the style developed by the brand in its glass bottle.

The new image enhances the sinuous shapes of its packaging, which gains in ergonomics, while incorporating design elements that enhance the iconic ‘Pepsi Globe’ in an illustrative game that gives it more prominence.

On the occasion of the launch of its new packaging, Pepsi MAX has launched a collaboration with the Spanish artist Abraham Menéndez, better known as 'Abe The Ape', and the photographer Manu Toro, who have developed together with the brand a creative imaginary, inspired by new packaging. A graphic line that has resulted in two original illustrations and two oneiric photographs that will give life to the new image of the packaging, revealing what ‘The most instagrammable food’ and ‘The coolest dinner’ would be in which Pepsi MAX cannot be missing.

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Courrèges selects a Coverpla bottle for its launch of sustainable line Colognes Imaginaires

Courrèges selects a Coverpla bottle for its launch of sustainable line Colognes Imaginaires

Courrèges presents a line of 100 % eco-designed fragrances. Named Colognes Imaginaires, the collection is the result of a marketing approach initiated by the brand in response to new consumer demands. The four different natural fragrances, available in a 100ml format, demonstrate a sustainable approach, from the juice to the outer box via all the different packaging components.

In line with its sustainability strategy and consistent with the shape of its historic bottles, Courrèges chose the Verdi model in lightweight glass. Coverpla added an adjusted pump on a screw collar (CV15). As such, the product can be refilled at the point of sale or recycled once the pump and metallic parts have been removed.

Designed by Coverpla, the Verdi model is part of the Ecoline range from Luigi Bormioli. It reduces material usage (by up to 40 %), using 100g of glass for a 100ml container. This approach allows an average 60 % reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout the value chain, from production to sourcing (compared with either plastic or blown or molded glass).

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UPM Raflatac partners with Vellamo for a sustainable label

UPM Raflatac partners with Vellamo for a sustainable label

UPM Raflatac is partnering with Vellamo, Finland’s award-winning natural mineral water for a sustainable label. Vellamo’s bottles feature UPM Raflatac Forest Film PPTM, the world’s first and only wood-based polypropylene plastic label material.

This transparent label material is constructed from UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100 percent wood-based solution made from tall oil, a residue of pulp production, originating from sustainably managed forests.

“This is an ideal collaboration to showcase how labels matter when it comes to sustainable packaging,” says Timo Kekki, Vice President, Films Business, UPM Raflatac.

Forest Film PP is made from 100 percent renewable wood-based raw materials in an ISCC certified value chain and has identical quality and performance as conventional fossil-based films.

Vellamo adheres to strict natural mineral water standards to maintain its official seal of approval and high-quality status of being naturally pure, unique in taste, bottled at the source, and containing no environmental pollution or added minerals or sweeteners. The high-quality, sustainable label is an integral part of the Vellamo water brand and supports Vellamo’s CO2ZERO Sustainability Program which aims to reduce CO2 emissions during the product’s lifecycle to zero.

The label also features UPM Raflatac’s RafMore, an innovative smart label solution that allows consumers to scan the label unique to every Vellamo bottle and access real-time product lifecycle and carbon footprint data.

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Albéa produces the eco-designed sun care packaging of La Roche-Posay

Albéa produces the eco-designed sun care packaging of La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay (L’Oréal group) innovates with a new generation of eco-friendly packaging: a partially cardboard-basedtube. The new moisturizing sunscreen body lotion of the Anthelios range protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, marine life and the environment.

As a result of a co-development between L'Oréal and Albéa, the tube packaging, integrating cardboard, is designed as an alternative to the various packaging solutions currently used for cosmetic products.

The use of plastic is reduced by 45% compared to existing solutions. The plastic is replaced here by FSC-certified cardboard.

The development of this cosmetic tube is the first step, achieved in record time, of future partially cardboard tube launches between L'Oréal group and Albéa.

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G’Vine Night Edition Pack

G’Vine Night Edition Pack

The exclusive G’Vine Floraison pack is a limited edition that includes a G’Vine Night Edition bottle presented in a 70cl format and 6 brand polycarbonate cups.

The new presentation, with great visual impact and avant-garde design, has a green metallic finish and details of the brand in relief that are illuminated from inside the bottle, thanks to the incorporation of an LED Light Pad.

G'Vine is a gin with a subtle aroma and a floral flavor, versatile and smooth.

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