Quadpack targets growing Asia Pacific region

Quadpack targets growing Asia Pacific region

Asian beauty brands now have a new source for packaging, design services and the latest in global trends. Recognising the steady growth of Asian domestic markets, Quadpack Industries is expanding its presence in the region. The international packaging group has created a dedicated sales operation to service brands and contract fillers in the Asia Pacific region, led by Regional Director Jason Smith.

Around a third of the world's beauty packaging spend comes from Asia. It accounts for half of the world's skincare market, with many global trends originating in countries like Korea and Japan. What's more, domestic markets are growing and maturing.

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Night Edition of G´Vine Floraison

Night Edition of G´Vine Floraison

This Christmas, G'Vine has unveiled its new Night Edition of G´Vine Floraison. Boasting a striking appearance, the new style has a metallic finish and incorporates an LED light that illuminates the bottle from inside.

The new edition is presented in a 1.75 l Magnum format and can be personalised with the desired name or hashtag for VIP brand clients, upon express request via the G’Vine Gin website - with a RRP of €400.

It will be available in VIP areas in the country's most exclusive bars and clubs, including Pacha Ibiza, Lio Ibiza, Ramses Life, Gabana Club and the Hotel W de Barcelona, among others.

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Gentleman Givenchy

Gentleman Givenchy

Worthy of the modern gentleman, this Gentleman Givenchy bottle is like a tuxedo worn with no bow tie but plenty of panache. Although the elegance of the 1975 edition is still clearly evident, with clean lines and weighty glass, it's the details that set it apart; a modern interpretation of a classic. The shiny black cap matches the black band encircling a bottle that is steeped in contrast.

The classic touch of lavender is transformed by the noble iris, which makes up the heart of this fragrance signed by perfume masters Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp. The composition is infused with sophisticated powdery notes, particularly when combined with smooth, sweet pear. By contrast, in a nod to the original 1975 release, a patchouli-leather accord structures this woody floral fougère fragrance.

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Perfume & Beauty Label Collection by Arconvert

Perfume & Beauty Label Collection by Arconvert

The creative agency Servaire&Co has outdone its talent in order to embellish the beauty and perfume products contained within this visual-book of Arconvert/Manter. An explosion of creativity that demonstrates how paper has become a new trend.

A source of inspiration inspired through 7 labels that demonstrate, with precision, the design and printing job made with a wide variety of high added value, self-adhesive materials among which the new and exclusive range of greaseproof papers stands out.

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Lalique and Knoll received an award for a luxurious jewel case

Lalique and Knoll received an award for a luxurious jewel case

Lalique Parfums and Knoll Prestige Packaging collaborated for the realisation of the Lalique Noir Premier Deux Cigales 1911 Black Coffret, an exclusive limited edition.

The coffret was created to magnify the Noir Premier perfume bottle. It is extremely complex both in the construction, and the process to manufacture the different materials used.

It is composed of a black glossy lacquered wood base and two majestic gold metal galvanised wings, with the cicadas decoration created in filigree. Housed in these wings, a golden mirror in the background reflects the lost wax bottle.

The development of its unique shape, especially the opening system, with the progressive deployment of the two wings was a long and challenging process. Moreover, this coffret combines multiple materials, steel, wood, mirror, fabric, which required colour matching and intense testing.

This is the result of 18 months of intensive collaboration between Lalique and Knoll Packaging, including 12 months of technical development and colour matching.

Lalique Parfums and Knoll Prestige Packaging received the Grand Prix du Jury 2017 Formes de Luxe for the realisation of the Lalique Noir Premier Deux Cigales 1911 Black Coffret. The Jury particularly highlighted the exceptional achievement (56 cm and 15 kg), the technical prowess in the progressive deployment of the cicada wings and the perfect realisation of the coffret.

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