Eco-responsible Muvit accessories for mobile devices

Eco-responsible Muvit accessories for mobile devices

Ascendeo Iberia, a leading company in the distribution of accessories for mobile devices, has as its main objective for 2022 that 100% of its Muvit brand products are eco-responsible. At the beginning of this project, at the end of 2019, it introduced Muvit's eco-responsible mobile cases to the Spanish market. These are biodegradable or recycled mobile protective cases, where the packaging is also ‘zero plastic’.
The Bambootek range is entirely inspired by nature, made with natural materials such as bamboo fiber and corn starch, is 100% biodegradable, has a 100% compostable rating and is as flexible and shock resistant as a traditional shell. It is available in 4 colors.
The Recycletek range is inspired by nature, produced only from ground recycled plastic and converted into granules, ready to be re-injected into the production of new housings with a complex and innovative process. It is available in black and transparent.
To complete the eco-responsible process of these products, the packaging of both is "zero plastic", made of 100% cardboard, without glues or varnishes and with ecological ink.

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Eco-warrior, Quadpack’s new compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging

Eco-warrior, Quadpack’s new compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging

Quadpack’s Eco-warrior is a full pack with the minimum amount of components where the cap could be both composted and recycled. Aiming to be respectful to the environment, Eco-warrior is made of a slim glass bottle that makes the pack 13% lighter than a regular one, reducing carbon footprint in transportation while keeping resistance.
The screw neck ensures the pump can be easily separated from the bottle, making it simple to recycle and reuse both the aluminium and the glass components. The one-piece cap is made of cork, a flexible, biodegradable material. Like the cork, collected from sustainable managed forests, all the materials from the pack are sourced and manufactured in Europe.
In order to limit the number of manipulations and enhance refilling at the right dosage, the Eco-warrior bottle can be directly engraved with the liquid capacity, avoiding the need of a sticker or another component to indicate volume.
Eco-warrior is initially to be offered in 100ml bottles – other versions in 50ml and 30ml are under study. Stepping up the sustainability game

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QC Terme chooses Pozzoli to broaden and re-dress its line of luxury gifts "Drawers of desires"

QC Terme chooses Pozzoli to broaden and re-dress its line of luxury gifts

There are seven different options from the new luxury gift  made by Pozzoli for QC Terme. The different pop-ups are the most impressive detail. All in total slate grey look, the package consist of a door and a drawer that opens thanks to a double satin ring.
These caskets are striking for the elegance of the silver hot-foil stamping and the features of the special wrapping paper. A totally natural paper, containing cotton fibers, which give it a softness to the surface.

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Quadpack’s new Tourmaline Konjac sponge

Quadpack’s new Tourmaline Konjac sponge

Quadpack’s new Tourmaline Konjac sponge harnesses the power of negative ions, with premium-grade tourmaline powder from Brazil. Warm water and friction maximise its beneficial effects, making the sponge a perfect delivery system.

The konjac sponge in itself is an all-natural product that cleanses and gently exfoliates skin with or without soap. Already known in Asia for its health-giving properties, it addresses today’s consumer preference for organic products. Konjac is made completely of vegetable fibres and is 100% biodegradable and free from colourings, additives and preservatives.

The Tourmaline Konjac Sponge is available in numerous sizes and shapes. It comes packaged in a heat-sealed bag, which Quadpack can customise to match brand specifications.

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The iDermo Awards choose the best products for sale in pharmacy

 The iDermo Awards choose the best products for sale in pharmacy

The award ceremony of the 2018 Awards was held in June at La Pedrera in Barcelona. The event counted with the presence of more than 170 professional personalities of the pharmaceutical industry to know the best dermocosmetic and OTC products (for sale to the public without a prescription) from the year 2018. Approximately 15,000 users have voted in this edition. Isdin was chosen as Best Brand and Heliocare as Best Brand in Social Networks. The Phyto brand won the first place in Better Innovation iDermo with its Phyto Re30 Anti-gray hair treatment.

IDermo Awards for Best Design and Packaging. Nuxelence® Nuxe Eye Contour Zone won the Gold for the Best Design and Packaging Product iDermo 2018. The jury valued its zamak applicator-massager, for its innovation and precise shape, with a shape that adapts to the curves of the eye contour , in addition to taking advantage of the interior of the case to provide the information to the consumer, instead of using a prospect.

Premium Voluptuous Cream from Lierac won the Silver for its luxury image that responds to the expectations of the consumer, consistent in all the elements: external pack, matt black and gold glass container, applicator, travel bag ....

The Bronze for Best Product Design and Packaging iDermo 2018 was for Atopic Skin Body Lotion for being a totally sustainable packaging, the result of an ecodesign project led by Ferrer, minimalist, with a clear graphic and a soft soft-touch finish.

IDermo Awards for Best Design and Packaging Farmaselect. The jury awarded the Gold to the Best Design and Packaging Product of FarmaSelect to SOS Cortes de Urgo, for the innovative shape of its packaging, an original float that "saves you" when you need it, with a non-aggressive use experience and an easy application. Ecodenta of Natural Skin Beauty got the Silver, because the ecodesign is visible immediately and is consistent with the content, thanks to the materials used, the design and the graphics. The packaging of Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup of Enna obtained the Bronze because its new design facilitates the application of the product, it is very clear for the consumer and allows a more hygienic experience.

In the Design and Packaging category, the jury was made up of Mireya Andreu, of Packaging Cluster; Camil Castellà, Co-Founder & Marketing Executive of Aktiva Design; Iván Borrego, manager of the Beauty Cluster; Xavier Pascual, director of the Hispack fair; Eva Rodrigo, HP marketing; and Ana Rocamora, president of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists; and Maica García, director of the magazine News Packaging. Drimpak, NG Plastics and HP were the sponsors of this edition. Attendees received their trophy in a box with a lined interior that protected it, created for the occasion, and an elegant bag, both produced by Drimpak. They were also presented with a plastic container full of goodies courtesy of NG Plastics and a totally personalized gift: a box printed with your photo, made by HP.

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