Arca Awards for packaging design

Arca Awards for packaging design

The ARCA Awards jury has awarded eight ARCA ORO awards, the highest recognition for the container and packaging industry. The complete list of winners of the ARCA 2020 Awards, by categories, is as follows:

1. ARCA Award for the best beverage packaging, bottle design and / or label
- ARCA Gold Award for SHANIA Bag in Box, by Grafyco
- ARCA Gold Award for Kala, from Granadabarrero. Kala is a delicate tribute to the mothers and grandmothers of Bodegas Contreras Ruiz. To express it, they designed this illustration in silkscreen on glass, embraced by a waxed leather cord and yellow sealing wax as if it were a bouquet. In this bottle they encapsulated two intertwined flowers and a wine dedicated to two generations.

ARCA selection for HONORO VERA USA, by Grafyco
ARCA selection for SATIBASQUE Cannabis aromatic bitter, by Ideolab
ARCA selection for ALTOS DE AIARA, by Hula Estudio
ARCA Selection for Entroido Puro Atlántico, by Anonymous Advertising
ARCA Selection for Font-Major Bottle, by Verallia
ARCA selection for URA, by Gorka Dañobeitia

2. ARCA Award for the best Food packaging
- ARCA Gold Award for Alea iacta est, by Javier Garduño Estudio de Diseño

ARCA selection for Fillip Mango Packaging, from Pets & Brands Business Consulting
ARCA selection for PEIXINHOS OVOS MOLES, from Novotype Europa S.A.
ARCA selection for Leyendas de Baztán, by Alzamora Group
ARCA selection for 'CASTILLO DE JIJONA', rebranding & packaging, by FLUENTIS Branding and Innovation
ARCA selection for BOONS, by Oliver Montiel

3. ARCA Award for the best packaging of Beauty and Perfumery products
- ARCA Gold Award for Sensuality - Alqvimia, from Alzamora Group

4. ARCA Award for the best luxury packaging "Premium Pack"

- ARCA Gold Award for Extrem Puro Extremadura, by Gallén + Ibáñez

ARCA selection for Co-pack Bonito del norte, reserve 6 months from CUCA, from AD + D Estudio Creativo

5. ARCA Award for the best packaging of a home product (tools, furniture, appliances, appliances, etc.)
- ARCA Gold Award for Packaging Wibeee, from El Merkat Brand and Comunicació, S.L.

6. ARCA Award for the best “ecofriendly” packaging
material reduction, recyclable, sustainable production, etc.
- ARCA Gold Award for LatCub, from LatCub

ARCA Selection for Green Beat Pistachios, by Odon Garcia Primo
ARCA selection for It's not a trick, by BUAS

7. ARCA Award for the best “ArcaProx” container designed by a student
- ARCA Gold Award for Hard Rock's Pick !, from the ESI School of Design. Ecofriendly packaging of the new HARD ROCK CAFE CD. Made with FSC wood, it is a guitar pick.

8. ARCA Award for the best packaging in the Miscellaneous, Containers not included in the other categories

ARCA selection for Café Flor de Abril, by Gitanos
ARCA selection for BIZARRO Alternative IPA, Marco Arroyo Vázquez
ARCA Selection for Serendipi'a Effect, by Blackisred

The ARCA Awards, organized by Veredictas International, in collaboration with the Digicom show, meet the essential requirements in reputation management, which is summarized in the following decalogue for a standard of excellence:
1. Awards open to all sector agents, without exceptions, and to all specialized media.
2. A jury exclusively made up of representatives of professional organizations and the specialized press, without professionals appointed by the organization.
3. I veto the members of the jury. No member of the jury can be a participant at the same time.
4. Jury audited and certified by International Verdicts. No member is appointed by the organization or by partisan interests.
5. Sovereign jury; the jury of the ARCA awards does not accept suggestions or conditions from the organizer, no awards are given to magazine clients, association members or exhibitors.
6. The Arca are not financed with public money, nor are they subsidized, they are independent. 

The full list of awards is available at: ARCA Verdict 2020.

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