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The packaging ecosystem wants to express its offer to collaborate with the highest priority in the production, distribution, development or manufacture of any material, product or strategic service that helps mitigate the effects on the health of people derived from the current crisis. health caused by COVID-19.

In this sense, the companies in the sector have organized and dimensioned to respond to the containment measures dictated by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, which declares the state of alarm in Spain, and thus guarantee the necessary products to ensure supply in essential areas such as food, beverages, hygiene, health, as well as other essential goods.

The production of containers and packaging must guarantee the safety and quality of all products in order to guarantee both food safety and quality and the correct traceability and identification of all goods, which is achieved through the corresponding manufacturing processes carried out out to date.

For the safe production of packaging, a continuous cross-border movement between countries is essential, and it is essential that customs transit flow so as not to stop or interrupt production in the supply chain in key areas such as food, pharmaceuticals and hygiene.

Additionally, the Packaging Cluster of Catalonia, PACKNET and the Packaging Cluster of the Valencian Community, the three signatory entities of this declaration, maintaining a complete vision of the packaging cycle, want to highlight the very valuable work they are carrying out local administrations and waste managers to ensure, in these moments of exceptional situation, the service of collecting packaging waste and to carry out their work in an exemplary manner. We are sure that they will continue to apply the instructions of the competent authorities and adopt the most appropriate sanitary measures to guarantee, as they have always done, a quality and efficient waste collection and recycling service close to the citizen, as an essential service that is. For that, we encourage Spanish society to continue putting into practice its environmental commitment, separating its waste and depositing it in the corresponding container for subsequent recycling.

For this reason, the signatory entities request the relevant authorities:
- Consider the packaging sector as a whole as a strategic and systemic sector to help respond to this health crisis.
- Guarantee the supply of all raw materials and products necessary for the manufacture of packaging, such as plastic pellets, masterbatches, inks, adhesives, labels, paper and cardboard products and supports, and all kinds of materials.
- Guarantee throughout the supply chain, the delivery of finished containers and packaging (boxes, bottles, pallets, shrink wrap, among others) to the packaging companies or users of the containers. - Facilitate the movement of the necessary products in customs transit to guarantee supply throughout the chain.

And in turn, the signatory entities are at the disposal of the administrations to give quick and effective responses to the challenges and needs that are urgently needed to mitigate the effects of the current health crisis.

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