Pentawards 2020 winners

Pentawards 2020 winners

The winners of this year’s prestigious Pentawards were revealed during a virtual Gala Ceremony hosted live on Thursday 24 September. Top winning agencies include Backbone Branding and Design Bridge each with 5 awards, ShenZhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design Co., Ltd, Depot Branding Agency, Xiaomi, Estudio Maba and Anthem, all of which won 4 awards.

This year’s Special Awards, which recognise ultimate excellence in packaging design, were also handed out:
Best Newcomer of the Year – Caparo Design Crew, Greece
Design Agency of the Year – Backbone Branding, Armenia
Designer of the Year – XiongBo Deng, ShenZhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design Co.,Ltd, China
NXT-GEN, Best Student Work – Robert Dadashev, British School of Art & Design, Russia.

Now in its 14th year, the 2020 competition received over 2,000 entries from 60 countries across five continents, with the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia and China receiving the highest number of awards. Out of all the entries, over 400 were shortlisted by the competition’s international jury and revealed to the public. The full line-up of the 2020 winners can be seen here in the new Pentawards Portal.

Adam Ryan, Head of Pentawards commented: “The work submitted in this year’s Pentawards competition is without a shadow of the doubt, the strongest, most innovative and powerful I have ever seen. I am excited to be part of such an inspiring industry continuously pushing the boundaries. This shows regardless of the challenges the world is facing, the power of design is needed now more than ever.”

This year’s winners will also be featured alongside the 2019 winners in The Package Design Book 6 by Taschen, released early 2021. The 2021 competition will open with Super Early Bird rates on 1st February 2021.

With a mission to be the most sustainable alcohol brand in the world, the packaging for the world’s first carbon negative vodka brand, Air Co., is both reusable and 100% sustainable. Keeping the vodka as the star, the label is placed towards the top of the bottle giving ample space to display the liquid. By placing the label lower, the vodka is the first to meet the eye. The label itself is simple, custom-made, natural and non-toxic and can be removed easily so the bottle can be used for other purposes like a water bottle, flower vase or candle holder. 

BEVERAGES PLATINUM, Pridem’s Gin by Enpedra Estudio, Spain
The design concept for Pridem’s premium gin centres around the idea of a sailor, to represent and celebrate freedom and is something which is set to become iconic. The beautiful design is made up of two complex elements: a striking stopper shaped like a sailor’s hat that gives the product personality and emphasises its uniqueness, and a label that is made up of four separate parts that wrap completely around the frustoconical bottle.


FOOD PLATINUM, NongFu Wangtian by ShenZhen BOB design, China

BODY PLATINUM, Chioture by Shanghai Nianxiang Brand Design & Consulting Co., Ltd., China

OTHER MARKETS PLATINUM, HEMA by Magnet Design, Netherlands

LUXURY PLATINUM, Hennessy by Felipe Pantone - Appartement 103, France

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