Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

 Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

Pisarrosa is a high quality product from a small plot that has the property of the winery. In the design of the label, we begin by outlining the proportions of the character, we move on to a 3D volumetry and finally texturize with images of the snares taken on the same Puigdemont Roca farm that produces the same grape that is used to make the came.

The final result is a very simple sheet label where the monster takes a clear protagonism, with 3D embossing, accompanied by some stampings with small texts that give the qualitative point of color. All this on a bottle troncocònica porta, encapsulated with pond with the same chromatic combination, with a very qualitative cotton paper support, to achieve a result at the height of the created expectations.

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