Selective Line of Verallia launches a 2019 trendsetter in glass

 Selective Line of Verallia launches a 2019 trendsetter in glass

Verallia has just presented with the Parisian consultant Carlin the manual of trends in glass containers. It reveals the three most avant-garde packaging designs for 2019. The manual also includes a series of ideas for decoration as well as new shapes for bottles.

The research carried out by Selective Line marks the inspiration for the new bottles that will be produced and decorated by Verallia in 2019. These will be urban, happy and, of course, the latest!

1. Urban: live and enjoy outside the norm, enthusiasm for hybrid places, not common. Creativity continues unchecked: so you can see a mixture of genres that combine perfectly, such as mass with luxury, art with the ordinary ... The idea is to reinvent the urban world and redesign the classics.

2. Cheerful: enthusiasm for the arrival of the weekend, time without control and places for all ages. The tendency of joy proposes a communicative and, above all, fresh attitude. Naivety and freshness are the slogans for fun and uninhibited drinks. A colorful universe that definitely breaks with the gloom and dark colors.

3. At the last: the relaxed enthusiasm for a sunset, for places full of meaning and energy. Having a drink is usually accompanied by good talks with friends, thoughts about the universe and the earth. The trend is shown in the growing need for a holistic guide that helps us reach a new form of wisdom and find our relaxing balance. A winding road that leads us through different states.

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