Stout Boom on Vacuum Metal Silver Lux wins the Best Beer Label

Stout Boom on Vacuum Metal Silver Lux wins the Best Beer Label

The project with the designer Andrea Basile (BasileADV) and the calligrapher Giuseppe Salerno (Resistenza) was to develop a label for a new product line, immediately recognizable connection to that particular beer and to the brand’s fiery character.

The Italian artisan brewery Malti da Legare, launched a new recipe of their Amberly product. In fact the origin of the Stout-variety goes way back in time. The result was a combination of scents, malt, cocoa bean, coffee and liquorice, all behind the icon of the Boom Ape.

This captivating design wants to keep the balance with the artisanal origins while giving the idea of a Molotov, a war of flavours with a 'dangerous' neck label and a red sealing wax as cap to protect the “fuse”. 

The label was realized on Arconvert’s Vacuum Metal Silver Lux, a metallised silver paper with high vacuum aluminum particles and high gloss grade. This paper has quality and resistance standards and offers a metallic finishing, which stimulates the sight as well as the fingertips. A label with a mirror effect and moving reflections that reminds the fire sparks, perfectly handled by the printer La Commerciale. Such a glossy paper was expertly counterposed to a matte writing, a Boom that reminds us of suburban Graffiti and gives a young modern touch to a product that carries such an historic value. 
Photo by Diego De Dominicis (d/dedo Studio).

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