Verallia presents its new Selective Line 2020 trend manual

Verallia presents its new Selective Line 2020 trend manual

Verallia presents together with the Parisian consultant Carlin the new book of trends in glass containers. It reveals the most avant-garde packaging designs for 2020. The manual also includes a series of ideas for decoration as well as new shapes for bottles.
The new trend book is given to brands and design agencies to serve as inspiration when launching new beverages to market and help them position their products as leaders. For this, Verallia has developed a new range of containers that have been dressed in their decoration companies Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland) and inspired by these new trends.
The research carried out by Selective Line marks the inspiration for the new bottles that will be produced and decorated by Verallia in 2020. There are two trends: "Divagation" and "Incandescence".
In "Divagation", the focus is on exuberant and random nature, on poetic modernity. The digital decoration "Puntillismo" on cinnamon colored containers, created by Saga Décor, will prevail. As an example, Selective Line presents the Borgata bottle with an improved Impressionist 2.0 effect in which the delicate pixelated flowers have a luminescent ink mixture -invisible in daylight- and thermal ink.
In «Incandescence», ecology, a vital reality, will be glamorous and urban. The "Sunset" decoration, created by Verallia Polska, is inspired by bright and diffused natural colors. The Miami bottle is decorated with a red and blue gradient, covered with a resplendent silkscreen.
The decoration "Hops" created by Saga Décor in the beer bottle Alienor focuses on its main ingredient and intensifies with bright and natural colors. This decoration consists of a screen print of enamel that imitates the paper, while creating a 3D effect on the "hops" or small leaves of the hops.

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