Verallia rewards the versatility of a container for oil

Verallia rewards the versatility of a container for oil

"Orobroy" by Alicia López, a student at the LCI School of Design in Barcelona, ​​has won the first prize in the Verallia Glass and Creation Contest. It is a container with a simple shape, but at the same time very versatile, reminiscent of amphorae where the oil was kept. It is a current design with a minimalist aesthetic that tries to convey the robustness of the olive trees and which facilitates the customization of the packaging.

"Nível d´Azeite" by Ana Pereira, from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Guarda, won the second prize. It arises from the idea of ​​a measurement scale, marked by small drops that help to visually and fun describe the olive oil manufacturing process, starting from the top down. The container is a transparent shape with a steel neck that we lift when opening the lid to serve the oil and vice versa.

"Albor" by Paula Torres, from the Superior School of Design (ESDIR), won the third prize. It is a container that recreates a rustic and simple style, but with character, in a clear tribute to the profession of olive grower through the ages. It is easy to handle since its body is spherical, so it can be held firmly with one hand. The curvature from the neck to the body of the bottle retains the spilled oil preventing the drops from dripping all over the container.

227 students from eight schools, four Spanish and four Portuguese, participated in the seventh edition of the Verallia Glass and Creation Contest, convened under the theme "One container, a thousand oils". The goal was to create a standard oil bottle model that could be used by many packers. In addition, this year it was new that the winning packaging will be produced and marketed by Verallia.

115 works were presented, who opted for a first prize valued at € 2,500 and the production of their packaging; a second, which won € 1,300 and a third prize valued at € 900.

The jury, formed in this edition by Aceites Maeva (Spain) and Aceites Gallo (Portugal) as clients of Verallia, the Sectorial Magazine Olimerca and the management team of the showcase, chose the winners in an online meeting on July 6.

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