Twist-Up of RPC Bramlage, selected to pack Mylène's cosmetics

Twist-Up of RPC Bramlage, selected to pack Mylène's cosmetics

The innovative Twist-Up airless dispenser from RPC Bramlage has been selected by leading Belgium cosmetics company Mylène to package a new face cream and serum as part of the company’s Detox complete facial care range.

The Twist-Up dispenser combines effective protection of the products’ natural ingredients, on-shelf appeal and maximum convenience for the consumer. The dispensing head is hidden to protect the contents. It is revealed by turning the upper part of the container to allow controlled dosing and hygienic application of the cream.

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PCM Group decorates the new Tous fragrance

 PCM Group decorates the new Tous fragrance

Your Moments is a fruity and muguet fragrance with notes of Pachouli and Musc. Energetic cocktail of fruits and spices in the notes of this life-giving and dynamic fragrance. Its aroma transmits vitality and confidence, as well as its finish. In the decoration of its packaging, an opaque matt pink paint and a white silk screen was used. The final result has been an elaborate packaging following the most original style of the brand.

PCM Grupo is committed to its customers and especially to the environment. Highlights the quality of the finish in all its decorations, using Eco-Friendly materials with 100% water-based paints and inks with UV drying. This set provides added value and environmental care to each of its decorations.

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Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

 Pisarrosas label by Puigdemont Roca

Pisarrosa is a high quality product from a small plot that has the property of the winery. In the design of the label, we begin by outlining the proportions of the character, we move on to a 3D volumetry and finally texturize with images of the snares taken on the same Puigdemont Roca farm that produces the same grape that is used to make the came.

The final result is a very simple sheet label where the monster takes a clear protagonism, with 3D embossing, accompanied by some stampings with small texts that give the qualitative point of color. All this on a bottle troncocònica porta, encapsulated with pond with the same chromatic combination, with a very qualitative cotton paper support, to achieve a result at the height of the created expectations.

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Garrofé develops the packaging of Júlia Homme

Garrofé develops the packaging of Júlia Homme

Garrofé has developed the packaging for Júlia Homme, new product line of Júlia Perfumery focused on the male audience with high-end products. The main objective has been to convey a traditional image but with sophistication in all products, combining noble elements such as wood and adding a male color coding.

The result is a combination of colors based on brown with red undertone and dry stick typography with high relief that gives the product a modern and sophisticated look & feel. To differentiate the product range, they have coded the facial treatment products with the use of a wood in mahogany tones and silver stamping typography. For shaving products they have opted for white wood. All the ranges are linked graphically in the linear and integrate all the meanings and values ​​that identify the brand.

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