Hennessy presents new original design statement by Marc Newson

Hennessy presents new original design statement by Marc Newson

Hennessy has revealed the Hennessy X.O 2017 limited edition bottle by Marc Newson. In the hands of the world-renowned designer, a dynamic, streamlined variation on the bottle's iconic shape breaks convention. The design amplifies the blend inside – unchanged since 1870 – while placing the Extra Old Cognac Hennessy X.O on a modern aesthetic frontier.

"The Hennessy X.O bottle has a wonderful fundamental shape. What I wanted to do was use design to magnify the Cognac – its color and sensorial qualities – as much as possible", says Newson.

Newson's limited edition design gives the signature Hennessy X.O bottle a wholly unexpected twist. Once he had pared the bottle's shape to its purest form, the designer chose to reprise its traditional decorative motifs – grapes and leaves – in a corrugated relief. These striations are perhaps the most daring design elements ever incorporated on the iconic Hennessy X.O bottle.

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GEKA presented its new collection orienTALE

 GEKA presented its new collection orienTALE

orienTALE is based on one trend for spring/summer 2018: “Global glamour without limits”. A mélange of Persian elements and shappy-chic design is an homage to female icons of the Orient. Contrasting textures with ornaments and astrological symbols are reinterpreted for a dreamy decorative effect.

First product of the set is the brand-new mascara brush persianEYES. Its new innovative two-component EOSfoamfiber with the foamed outer shell is pleasing to the eye for an ultra-soft application feeling. GEKA’s patented SIAM cut creates special volume zones. The packaging surprises with its overall sleeve decoration in metallic red and gold.

Second product of the collection is a new standard dual packaging presented as liquid eyeshadow in this case. On one side the new 2K applicator flexiKISS applies the turquoise formula with precision. On the other side 1K applicator classicLIPS intensely shades the lids in gold.

Third product is a new lipgloss packaging with its applicator softDEFINITION. Its pointed tip allows for an ultra-precise contouring and shaping of the lips with the deep red formula. The cap of the packaging shimmers due to the metallic masterbatch.

Another new dual packaging is beautySTYLIST, with its extra hard flock that easily combs brows and fills in gaps thanks to its colored formula, and, on the other side, 2K applicator gentleLIPS applies the highlighter formula on the brow bone.

All items can be stylishly packed in the shiny turquoise cosmetic pouch made of PU leather. Gold body tattoos and crystal stones for the eyes complete the Persian inspired look.

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Coleman CBX designs BiSolan packaging for Solán de Cabras

Coleman CBX designs BiSolan packaging for Solán de Cabras

The challenge was to relaunch the Solán de Cabras range of BiSolan refreshments, this time with a more modern and trendy look. To do so, a more groundbreaking design was employed that would nonetheless remain in line with the premium nature of the brand and the bottle itself.

Keeping the range's big blocks of background colour gives it a brighter, more radiant appearance. The creation of a key image – a flower – that plays with touches of silver and transparency ensures that the bottle bursts with personality. Images of ingredients have been discarded, with a much stronger emphasis on lettering to indicate the variety.

The presence of silver on the neck and flower highlights the premium quality of the product.

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