Second Skin Case, the sustainable innovation of Ruinart

Second Skin Case, the sustainable innovation of Ruinart

In 2020, Ruinart breaks with the tradition of individual gift boxes, and pushes its global, environmental approach further with the Second Skin Case. This eco-designed casing is a an entirely recyclable cloak composed of 100% natural wood fibers.

A direct hommage to the Crayères, the minimalist paper case features a silky yet textured surface that evokes the historic wine cellars of the Maison in Reims. The design of the case reinterprets the elegant gestures ofgastronomic establishments: it is inspired by the manner in which maîtres d’hôtels wrap a white serviette around bottles of champagne.

It is the result of two years of dialogue between Maison Ruinart's teams and its manufacturing partners, Pusterla 1880 and James Cropper. It took seven prototypes to arrive at this pulped paper case, which solved two technological challenges.

The first challenge was to render the case impermeable to any light that might risk altering the wine, especially with clear glass bottles. A new technique was developed to enrich the cellulose mix with a natural metallic oxide, which reinforced the opacity by adding a protective layer.

The second challenge was to insure that the case could protect the wine right up until tasting, while being resistant to service uses (including contact with water) without deteriorating. Adapted to refrigerated conservation, the case even maintains its integrity for several hours when stored in a bucket of ice.

Second Skin Case is molded to the contours of the bottle in three dimensions, hugging its curves. Its absence of edges and raw, sophisticated aesthetic are obtained through high-pressure waterjet cutting. Imprinted with the Maison’s monogram, the paper’s closure system is at once discreet and intuitive.

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Corpack creates compostable sand moulds for Kneipp’s Naturkind bathing sets

Corpack creates compostable sand moulds for Kneipp’s Naturkind bathing sets

Corpack has designed and developed new sand moulds made of biodegradable material for Kneipp. These moulds are part of Kneipp’s Naturkind bathing sets with bath crystals.

The moulds produced by Corpack are made of cellulose-based bioplastic,that is composed of the same ingredients that are also used for paper production. Products made from this certified material are industrially compostable.

The impact on the environment was also taken into account for the pigments used, as these are also biodegradable. These cellulose-based bioplastics are not only derived from safe resources, but provide the same protection, stability, and hygienic factors as other conventional plastics.

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Aptar Beauty + Home has created a unique solution in partnership with Shiseido

Aptar Beauty + Home has created a unique solution in partnership with Shiseido

After a full year’s intense work on materials, molds, forms and textures, l’Eau d’Issey the iconic fragrance from Issey Miyake, is now available in a double pack concept named IGO / ISTAY, as a result of the collaboration between Aptar Beauty + Home and Shiseido.

Slender and elegant, the ISTAY flacons honour the emblematic original design of l’Eau d’Issey fragrance bottles which were intended to remain sedentary, unlike the IGO caps which complete them.

Containing 20ml of fragrance and an integrated vaporizer, the IGO capclips easily on and off the ISTAY base, presenting an ideal travel format.

Light and unbreakable, Its technical culmination is achieved in the women’s version of l’Eau d’Issey for which the nomadic cover cap is fitted with a spherical actuator containing a safety device to guarantee a perfect seal.

Both the men’s and women’s IGO caps mirror the color shades of the original fragrances — the lacquer of the men’s iteration and metallization of the women’s — while ensuring optimal performance of the aluminium, leather and silver finishing.

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Pujolasos launches “Woodle®”, a wooden cap with disposable plastic inner

Pujolasos launches “Woodle®”, a wooden cap with disposable plastic inner

Pujolasos team launches the first wooden cap with disposable plastic inner for recycling, manufactured from natural materials, such as wood and with a specific plastic inner designed to be recycled after its useful life.

This innovation is compatible with most existing and potential developments, both in perfumery and cosmetics, oriented towards sustainability. The disposable plastic inner can also be injected in PCR. This patent is applicable to any material that covers such plastic innovation, not just wood.

Wood is a noble, organic and 100% natural material associated to luxury and sustainability. If it is complemented with this “Woodle®” innovation, it responds to the current market need and demand aimed at offering consumers sustainable packaging products for the beauty sector.

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A sustainable packaging for a vegan cream-mousse

A sustainable packaging for a vegan cream-mousse

Kili · g's Face, Eye and Neck Cream-Mousse is a regenerating vegan facial treatment, with a sustainable packaging designed by Marija Mikulskienė from VRS WPI Vilnius, who recently won the Silver Award for Best Design and Packaging iDermo 2020.

The case is made of 100% recycled cardboard and the container is made of plastic recovered from the ocean, owd (ocean waste plastic). Specifically, recycled polyethylene, collected from waters around Indonesia, has been used for the monomaterial jar. In addition to helping to reduce the plastic present in the sea, the fact of recycling plastics in the production of packaging reduces CO2 emissions by 52% compared to virgin plastic.

This cream-mousse certified by Cosmos Natural and vegan has a unique active principle derived from superfoods for greater firmness and regeneration of the skin, with known antioxidant and rejuvenating properties: spirulina. Combined with two high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids and vitamin E, it stimulates and energizes. The exclusive BIOK LAB Spirulina® that it contains is an extract of spirulina algae developed in an innovative patented form of oleo-eco extraction.

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