HP, Leitat and Seat develop the first industrializable field respirator

HP, Leitat and Seat develop the first industrializable field respirator

HP, Leitat (Tecnio), Seat and the Free Zone Consortium (CZFB), together with CatSalut, through the Terrassa Health Consortium (CST) and the Hospital Parc Taulí de Sabadell -Barcelona, Spain-, have managed to create the first industrializable field respirator prepared to support hospitals and ICUs. This is encouraging news in an environment where there was concern about a shortage of medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 virus.

Leitat has designed a field respirator manufactured using 3D technology that is industrially scalable, allowing a production capacity of between 50 and 100 units per day. Magí Galindo, senior engineer at Leitat, has carried out the design, which has been medically validated by Dr. Lluís Blanch, director of Innovation at the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell, an expert in mechanical ventilation.

In this field respirator called Leitat 1, its design and components have been simplified to the maximum in order to develop a useful but less complex medical device, to enable more agile production and assembly.

Leitat is a Technological Center that develops more than 215 projects in the fields of biotechnology, health, advanced materials, industrial chemistry, renewable energy and new production processes, including R & D & i solutions in packaging. Enviar comentarios

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Stout Boom on Vacuum Metal Silver Lux wins the Best Beer Label

Stout Boom on Vacuum Metal Silver Lux wins the Best Beer Label

The project with the designer Andrea Basile (BasileADV) and the calligrapher Giuseppe Salerno (Resistenza) was to develop a label for a new product line, immediately recognizable connection to that particular beer and to the brand’s fiery character.

The Italian artisan brewery Malti da Legare, launched a new recipe of their Amberly product. In fact the origin of the Stout-variety goes way back in time. The result was a combination of scents, malt, cocoa bean, coffee and liquorice, all behind the icon of the Boom Ape.

This captivating design wants to keep the balance with the artisanal origins while giving the idea of a Molotov, a war of flavours with a 'dangerous' neck label and a red sealing wax as cap to protect the “fuse”. 

The label was realized on Arconvert’s Vacuum Metal Silver Lux, a metallised silver paper with high vacuum aluminum particles and high gloss grade. This paper has quality and resistance standards and offers a metallic finishing, which stimulates the sight as well as the fingertips. A label with a mirror effect and moving reflections that reminds the fire sparks, perfectly handled by the printer La Commerciale. Such a glossy paper was expertly counterposed to a matte writing, a Boom that reminds us of suburban Graffiti and gives a young modern touch to a product that carries such an historic value. 
Photo by Diego De Dominicis (d/dedo Studio).

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Texen launches Beautifull Skin for a new skincare routine

Texen launches Beautifull Skin for a new skincare routine

Beautifull Skin by Texen is a jar and Mucell applicator for two-in-one use.

Combined with a standard jar produced by the Rose factory, the cap has a dual functionality. Thanks to the modular texture and density of Mucell, once the formula has been applied to the skin and the lid sealed, the packaging is used as an applicator to help the active ingredients penetrate the skin, stimulating micro-circulation with an exfoliating and relaxing effect…

The applicator part of the lid can be removed from the base, facilitating the recycling of both jar and cap.

The Texen Lab is pursuing the development of new applications using Mucell® technology, for which the group has exclusive rights for the cosmetics market.

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Batllegroup designs Botanical Origin packaging

Batllegroup designs Botanical Origin packaging

Batllegroup has created the design for the brand, volume and packaging of the new RB brand, Botanical Origin, a new range of household cleaning products of botanical origin.
Batllegroup created a logo employing a unique, personalised typeface. To work together with this special typography, they designed a series of graphic botanical elements to boost naturalness, as one of the core values of the new brand.
They worked from the creative concept, “the power of nature”, when devising the volume of the pack, designed together with the product design agency, Stimulo, and transformed the essence of a droplet into the new detergent bottle, the flagship product of the new range. A design which, through its shape and amber colour, concentrates the full power of nature in an iconic translucent and radiant form.
All the packs of the range are 100% recyclable, and some made with up to 50% of recycled plastic.
The design of the label combines the sensuousness of the ingredients of botanical origin with the performance and efficacy of the products, visibly underscoring the main benefits. The labels are designed with transparent materials to potentiate the luminescence and naturalness of the product.

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Billebeino's innovative e-commerce packaging

Billebeino's innovative e-commerce packaging

Digitally printed packaging made by Adara Pakkaus Oy, and printed onto Metsä Board’s white kraftliner, changes prints according to the collection's theme. Digital printing allows for variable printed patterns while optimising order quantities. The high brightness of the kraftliner gives stunning colour reproduction. It is a strong, yet lightweight and recyclable material, making it a sustainable choice.
Billebeino is a company founded in 2015 by Juhani Putkonen and Ville Leino. The company is named after Ville Leino. When he played ice hockey in the NHL, his name was often changed to Bille Beino.
Adara's digitally printed E-wave kits use MetsäBoard Classic WKL (135 g/m2) on the surface and MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright (120 g/m2) uncoated white kraftliner on the back.

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