Selective Line presents Nomadic

Selective Line presents Nomadic

Nomadic is an all-new concept in line with the "re-use" trend and the inclination towards nomadic i.e. easy to transport products.

It is a practical yet visually appealing bottle with a long shelf life, which can be stored and used daily. Lightweight – 250 g of glass for 50 cl – and able to withstand everyday bumps and bashes, thanks to its silicone protection. Customisable: the colour of the silicone can be changed, as can the shape and the logo, which can be embossed or not as preferred.

Moreover, its reusability makes it an environmentally-responsible product.

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The winners of Pentawards 2017

The winners of Pentawards 2017

This year, the 11th edition of the Pentawards, a worldwide competition devoted exclusively to packaging design, was held at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The gala ceremony played host to over 275 people from the global packaging design community.

The winner of Diamond Pentaward 2017 is Starck Paris (Perfumes y Diseño), the new perfume collection by designer Philippe Starck. The product is a collection of three perfumes, feminine, masculine and neutral. The concept was to create three distinct and independent designs that when together, both as bottles and in packaging, would interlink to form one sculpture. The fluid nature of the design creates a connectivity between the three fragrances, that is consistent throughout all aspects of the set.

The Platinum Pentawards 2017 are:
Beverages: Ryuta Ishikawa (Kirinzan)
Food: Infinito (Candela)
Body: Interbrand Japan (Matsukiyo - Toilet paper)
Other: Angelina Pischikova (CS – Light Bulbs)
Luxury: Stranger & Stranger Ltd (Ital Spirits – Italicus).

This eleventh edition of the Pentawards received 2,013 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries. This shows an increase of nearly 10% in enrolment over the previous year. In addition to the Diamond Pentaward and the 5 Platinum Pentawards, the international jury also awarded 46 Gold Pentawards among the 55 categories competing this year. Silver and Bronze Pentawards were also presented. In total, 32 countries are represented among the winners.

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‘Matte & Mirror Impact’ diversifies Ardagh Group’s finishings portfolio

‘Matte & Mirror Impact’ diversifies Ardagh Group’s finishings portfolio

Ardagh Group’s latest beverage can finishing, named ‘Matte & Mirror Impact,’ combines the trending combination of matte and glossy surfaces. A new ink compound is responsible for creating an eye-catching beverage packaging.

The new finishing comprises a special admixture that can be used with any printable colour and creates matte effects on the otherwise glossy can surface. During the drying process in can production, the blend creates a surface structure that reflects light differently, thus producing a matte appearance.

The new solution creates a multi-faceted surface through a specialty ink. The alternating matte and glossy areas allow specific design elements, such as logos, promotional messages or brand icons, to be easily and effectively highlighted.

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Quadpack develops Karen Murrell's Lip Palette

Quadpack develops Karen Murrell's Lip Palette

The Lip Palette of New Zealand brand Karen Murrell uses natural and nourishing ingredients that make the lip colour creamy and smooth to apply. Quadpack has been its trusted packaging supplier for several years.

The palette's front features a stunning floral design, expertly applied through matt black silk screen and copper metallisation decoration. The mirrored interior has a base insert for the double-sided brush, which features anodised metal parts colour-matched to the tray.

All Karen Murrell products are free from animal cruelty and harmful chemicals.

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Packaging by Zoo for an organic cured sausage

Packaging by Zoo for an organic cured sausage

The brand began in 1894 and in this new evolutionary phase, the design respects the graphic and printing resources of the period but updates them to give the necessary distinction to the Bofill organic llonganissa (cured sausage).

The use of an elegant typography with stencil characteristics afford the brand the required level of sophistication and the gold stamped finishes make them stand out against the other elements.

On the packaging, the natural tones combined with white spaces help to transmit purity and naturalness. Some original elements, such as the illustration of the factory, have been updated and enhanced to give them more status in the design; this also helps them to transmit the brand’s current values.

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