Verallia and Maison du Sud - Jeanjean win two Oscar awards for packaging with GEM

Verallia and Maison du Sud - Jeanjean win two Oscar awards for packaging with GEM

Verallia, Selective Line and Maison du Sud - Jeanjean have just won two Oscar awards for packaging for the GEM bottle in the categories 'Consumptio' (design and graphic identity) and 'Transformation' (creation in glass and aesthetic and practical quality).

This bottle designed by Leslie Dabin had already received an award in the 2016 French edition of the Verallia Design Awards, in the "Wines" category. This design contest organised in France since 2009 encourages students and young graduates of art or design schools to design innovative glass packaging. In 2016, the theme was "Glass ... new horizons" and the bottle SERAC (name that Leslie chose for his project) won the contest. Maison du Sud-Jeanjean, a member of the jury, was immediately convinced by the student's project. The idea? To maintain traditional wine codes - the basis of creation is a classic Bordeaux bottle - and create very distinctive innovations: new facets, an ergonomic grip and a diamond shaped punt. In addition, Maison du Sud - Jeanjean has taken advantage of this proximity to the world of luxury and jewellery to market this bottle with its GEM brand.

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Royston Labels launch innovative new glass labelling service

Royston Labels launch innovative new glass labelling service

Label’Glass is an innovative new service from Royston Labels that allows you to embellish glass containers with decorative raised emblems. To achieve this effect you would typically have to create bespoke glassware; with Label’Glass you can decorate standard, off-the-shelf glassware, saving huge amounts of time and money.

It’s an embellishment perfectly suited to wine, spirit and beer bottles. At Royston, they offer a range of different Label'Glass options, which allow for certain degrees of personalisation. The customer chooses the size, shape and tone of the design, and they work to create the custom glass container.

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Monomer Tech Develops Dermo's Packaging Suavina

Monomer Tech Develops Dermo's Packaging Suavina

Monomer Tech, the plastic packaging manufacturer specialized in cosmetics and perfumes, part of M&A Packaging Group, has developed a new lip balm jar for Dermo Suavina, the reputed brand of Laboratorios Calduch. This design, made by Lavernia & Cienfuegos, reinvents a classic, being ergonomic and smart and at the same time keeping the essence of the past.

The curvature of the planes, the roundness of the edges together with the original color of the brand give the Calduch Suavina Dermo package the feeling of softness associated with the product. On the cover, with a low relief engraving, you can see the name of the brand along with the word "dermo" and the date of creation.

The jar, injected in polypropylene random, and mirror polished, has also a beautiful and delicate engraving of Suavina logo. The package, entirely produced in the factory of Monomer Tech, has been developed in a record time.

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TNT Global Manufacturing ‘’ignites the fire’’ with Creed

TNT Global Manufacturing ‘’ignites the fire’’ with Creed

TNT Global Manufacturing has developed the decorative cap’s plate of VIKING, the latest perfume for men, designed by the perfumer Olivier CREED. The plate is made of zamak with a white bronze finish. It has been engraved with the logo and pad printed in red.

The project required to combine the pattern of the logo and the constraints of the zamak, to reveal the details and finesse of the engraving. TNTGM further encountered 2 other challenges: the pad printing thickness on a curved surface, and the perfect alignment with the logo”.

TNT Global Manufacturing Inc. was recently established in New York in addition to the Paris and Hong Kong’s entities. Boris Schaefer was appointed Vice President Sales North America.

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Quadpack develops the packaging of the Timeless Prodigy line of Skeyndor

 Quadpack develops the packaging of the Timeless Prodigy line of Skeyndor

Premium beauty brand Skeyndor is celebrating 50 years of innovative skincare. To mark this anniversary, it has launched Timeless Prodigy, an anti-ageing range that brings together luxury and science, to slow down cellular ageing for a youthful genetic expression. The serum and cream look spectacular in their anniversary-edition packaging, manufactured and developed by Quadpack.

Timeless Prodigy - The Cream comes in a beautiful bespoke jar manufactured at Quadpack Plastics. he 50ml acrylic jar has an extra thick base with a colour varnish coating on the underside to give a warm pink glow to the pack, which is otherwise transparent. The inner jar is made of compatible polypropylene, with a metallised outer wall, visible through the outer jar. The five-part cap is a work of art in itself, clad in matt aluminium with interior weight. All metal parts feature the same rose champagne colour that marks the range. Time Prodigy - The Serum comes in a 50ml Yonwoo airless pack, which protects the complex formula from external contamination.

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