Artist JonOne Brings Color to the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Bottle

Artist JonOne Brings Color to the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Bottle

Once again, Hennessy teams up with urban art to create a colorful and vibrant personalized design bottle. The iconic graffiti artist JonOne is responsible for the latest limited edition of Hennessy Very Special.

JonOne travels constantly between his home base in Paris, his native Harlem and avant-garde art scenes around the world. The artist finds a great parallel between Hennessy and his own work: "The mixture of the brandies is like mixing colors. Actually, I always wanted to make a bottle for Hennessy."

He added: "The project that Hennessy asked me to design, the label for its Very Special Limited Edition Bottle, was a challenging job because I know its high-quality standards well and how much they expect from an artist. But Hennessy gave me carte blanche and absolute freedom to do what I wanted so I was able to design this label using my own style and my favorite brilliant colors."

JonOne has built several layers of free splashes of color mixed with Hennessy's own images, echoing the complex layers of flavors and aromas created by Hennessy’s mixing master. The result, Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Bottle label by JonOne, captures the spirit of both JonOne and Hennessy.

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New heads for Penhaligon’s by TNT Global Manufacturing

New heads for Penhaligon’s by TNT Global Manufacturing

TNT Global Manufacturing has developed 4 new caps made of zamak for the Penhaligon’s Portraits’ Collection. The story continues with The bewitching Yasmine, The uncompromising Sohan, Monsieur Beauregard and The ruthless Countess Dorothea.

The manufacturing of these caps made of zamak requires accuracy to respect fineness of the details. The production process – die-casting, unmoulding, assembly – matches each new piece, created by Penhaligon’s. Manual polishing precedes gold galvanization.

Zamak suits particularly to the perfume, cosmetics and make-up industry, thanks to its many properties: stability, malleability, resistance, hardness and skin tolerance.


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PCM Group decorates the wine bottle of Fragància de Marta of Ramon Canals

PCM Group decorates the wine bottle of Fragància de Marta of Ramon Canals

The wine bottle from Fragància de Marta of Ramon Canals is radiantly decorated with delicate almond blossom.

PCM Group used three screen prints and environmentally-friendly UV inks in black, white and a pink that contrasts beautifully with the wine's pale rose tint.

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Corpack introduces the newest Twin Pack “Click-n-Match”

Corpack introduces the newest Twin Pack “Click-n-Match”

This new rendition of the Twin Pack can house “diverse-volume” (i.e. 125 & 175 ml) products and allows the consumer to mix and match or refill the unit as needed.

The Twin Pack “Click-n-Match” is convenient and easy to use by simply clicking the two bottles together.

Some things come in twos — whether they are shampoo and conditioner, sun and after-sun, or shower-gel and lotion. This concept allows the promotion of numerous product combinations. The Twin Pack concept makes it possible to unite two different products in one unit while allowing for independent dispensing. The patented Twin Pack was designed and developed completely by Corpack. It is technically optimized for large-scale production and filling processes.

Aside from the standard shapes offered, the overall form of the bottle can be adapted to just about any existing design or corporate design. The packaging can be customized and the design can be combined with a large selection of closures.

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Bramlage caps a golden pack

Bramlage caps a golden pack

Customised injection-moulded caps from RPC Bramlage (Marolles, France) are providing a new range of women's haircare products by Kérastase with an additional layer of sophistication. The lids are being used for three packs in the new Elixir Ultime range from Kérastase

The special caps have been created to effectively integrate with the different pack formats in the range, while at the same time reinforcing the premium luxury image. They feature a lacquered and metallised finish that complements the packs’ textured golden design.

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