Bulldog goes Green with RPC M&H Plastics

Bulldog goes Green with RPC M&H Plastics

RPC M&H Plastics and Bulldog Skincare for Men have joined forces once again for Bulldog’s new line of skincare packaging. The first men’s skincare brand to use Sugarcane as a raw material, Bulldog have chosen to go green with their updated flexible tube line up, which features Moisturisers, Face Washes and Face Scrubs.

The ‘Green’ polyethylene is created by farming Sugarcane on sustainable land in Brazil. Whilst being cultivated, the Sugarcane captures CO2 from the air as it grows. Once grown, the Sugarcane is transformed into “ethanol”, a type of alcohol, which is in turn used by Bulldog’s partner Braskem to create Green Plastic. The Green Plastic is then used by RPC M&H Plastics instead of fossil fuel sourced material to create Bulldog’s Flexible Tubes while maintaining the performance characteristics of traditional Polyethylene.

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MW Luxury Packaging manufactures Bacardi - Real Music Speaker

MW Luxury Packaging manufactures Bacardi - Real Music Speaker

The Bacardi dark rum Carta Negra is available with a pack and speaker set. Manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging, the pack Bacardi-Real Music Speaker holds one bottle of Bacardi’s superior black rum and two high quality speakers which can be easily connected to a mobile device via a recess in the back.

The container has been crafted with a premium recycled rigid board substructure and is wrapped in double hit four-colour graphic print art paper. The wrapping is embellished with spot gloss graphic elements and an anti-scratch laminate to protect against wear-and-tear. The pack is held shut with two strong magnets and opens along the diagonal, with the bottle of rum held in one half and the speakers held opposite.

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Garrofé Presents their Design for Premium Q77+ Coffee

Garrofé Presents their Design for Premium Q77+ Coffee

Brand Q77+ asked Garrofé to design a new line of coffee consisting of 3 products: Sweet Dreams Coffee, Antiage Coffee and Reducing Coffee.

They worked on graphics that would identify the category and preserve the essential qualities of the brand. They added images and color coding to help the public to identify the products. The final result is a premium position and functional visual identity of the brand in the supplements category.

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Tradition and Innovation of Trussardi Riflesso

Tradition and Innovation of Trussardi Riflesso

Trussardi Riflesso, the new fragrance for men by Trussardi, represents a unique blend of the contemporary world and brand tradition. Known for its innovative style, Colombo has designed a bottle and cap that express the tradition and innovation that characterize the fragrance. The architect and designer Carlo Colombo, in collaboration with GaiaTrussardi, has devised a luminous, transparent and elegant bottle, with an iconic silhouette based on masculine and ergonomic shapes.

The ribbed surface of the glass bottle resembles the radiator grille of a car: a strong masculine element, complemented by the attractive touch of the luxurious Zamak and Suryn stopper that remind one of a steering wheel. The result is an iconic object with a simultaneous vintage and modern look. The Trussardi Riflesso case is metallic. The inside of the case has a diamond-shaped motif with a greyhound head on each corner: an expression of "logomania" using the emblem of the Trussardi fashion house.

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Sillages Paris packaging creation by Pierre Katz Agency

Sillages Paris packaging creation by Pierre Katz Agency

Created in collaboration with the founder, the bottle boasts a basic design and at the same time surprising, with an asymmetrical, lacquered partition. The grey lacquer vinyl harmonises with the gold of the cap.

The agency has also created a box with an even more raw design: a block of black stone into which the bottle has been carved. The item's simplicity ‒ calculated down to the last millimetre ‒ and radical character give it an unexpected elegance considering the selected material. The design was undertaken by the Pierre Katz agency, with the bottle and cap supplied by Verreries de Masnières (Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie SAS).

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