Little Buddha designs the packaging of sugar-free ice tea range Umaicha

Little Buddha designs the packaging of sugar-free ice tea range Umaicha

Jean Jacques Fredj launches a new sugar-free ice tea range in Europe, infused with imported tea leaves from Japan.

It’s a minimalist and elegant range designed by Little Buddha that evoques a japanese origin with an attractive aesthetic for the european eye, and with a simple and intuitive differentiation between each recipe.

On the other hand, there is a Brand Block designed with a japanese flair, with pictures of a Teapot and dry tea which evoque great naturalness and educate the consumer on the different types of tea.

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Chocolocuras, an award-winning Supperstudio design

Chocolocuras, an award-winning Supperstudio design

The Chocolocuras design won Gold Pentawards in the Sweets and Pastries subcategory in Food. A stand-out packaging boasting a design that transforms with a simple twist of the cap: fun, quirky and amusing.

Cuqui Cookies, Salt Attacks and Lemon Jungle feature a poodle and his charming owner, a Martian and an astronaut, and a lion and a hunter respectively. In a fun twist, the characters swap bodies and heads to create something new and original.

The use of colour and naming creates a strong profile and great presence at the point of sale, seeking to connect with an audience looking for a bit of entertainment.

One more example of happy packaging created by Supperstudio.

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The packaging of CS Light Bulbs designed by Angelina Pischikova, awarded with a Pentaward

The packaging of CS Light Bulbs designed by Angelina Pischikova, awarded with a Pentaward

The electrical supplier CS supplies over 5000 products to its domestic market, making it the largest supplier of electrical goods in Belarus. For this product range, the packaging designer Angelina Pischikova used a tale that supposedly inspired Thomas Eddison to create the first light bulb as the basis of her design.

The tale goes, that Edison observed fire flies creating light and wanted to recreate this by his own means. This clean and detailed creation matches the shapes of different insects to the shapes of the different lightbulbs in the product range. This shows the insect creating the light, just as Edison saw according to the tale.

The illustrations on the packaging instantly catch the attention of people walking by and create a stir of curiosity making the product stand out from the rest.

The CS - Light Bulbs project of Angelina Pischikova won the Platinum Pentaward 2017 at Other category.


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A gold for VGP and LIQ

A gold for VGP and LIQ

This unique Finnish premium liquorice gift set box is an ingenious folding carton packaging product by Van Genechten Packaging that has won the European Carton Excellence Award.

The gift box of sweets VG Kvadra Pak in Latvia made for the Finnish premium brand LIQ wins the award because “the unique combination of design, material usage, printing techniques and the way the secondary boxes are perfectly fitting into the primary box just add to the in hand feel of what looks like a dark and mysterious product offering.”

As a sustainable packaging material, folding carton is 100% re-usable and combines branding and barrier properties.

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Selective Line presents Nomadic

Selective Line presents Nomadic

Nomadic is an all-new concept in line with the "re-use" trend and the inclination towards nomadic i.e. easy to transport products.

It is a practical yet visually appealing bottle with a long shelf life, which can be stored and used daily. Lightweight – 250 g of glass for 50 cl – and able to withstand everyday bumps and bashes, thanks to its silicone protection. Customisable: the colour of the silicone can be changed, as can the shape and the logo, which can be embossed or not as preferred.

Moreover, its reusability makes it an environmentally-responsible product.

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